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European newspapers blame Brexit for Britain’s supply chain crisis

UK growth fuel The supply chain crisis, where gas stations were closed, restaurants and supermarket shelves were emptied, and the government was forced to subsidize carbon dioxide production. European newspaper..

The government claims that most of the problems are due to pandemics, but much of the continent’s media is pointing. Brexit..

Front page of French outlet release It featured a completed roll of toilet paper with a final sheet decorated with “Brexit” under the heading “Future failed delivery”.

“Labor shortages, logistics chain disruptions, product shortages, withdrawal of European citizens …” the newspaper wrote.

“Gradually coming to an end COVID In the event of a crisis, Britain will begin to see the consequences of its withdrawal from the European Union. “

German magazine Der SpiegelReports on this issue were headlined “in the kingdom of empty shelves” and warned that supply bottlenecks could become even more dramatic.

“After Brexit, migrant workers from Eastern Europe are no longer welcomed in the UK, so the country is currently short of 100,000 truck drivers and goods,” the outlet writes. ..

Barcelona based every day La Vanguardia We compared empty shelves, closed KFC, fruit rot in the fields, and empty vending machines to “boycotted Cuba”.

“Brexit and pandemics have contributed to exacerbating long-standing problems, which are rooted in the low wages traditionally received by truck drivers,” the newspaper reported.

“14,000 due to Brexit and devaluation of the pound [drivers] From Eastern Europe, I returned to my country of origin because I felt unwelcome and because of bureaucratic travel obstacles. “

German public television station ARD said in an article on its website that British people are facing soaring fuel prices, the expiration of a pandemic boost for the benefit of payments, and soaring food prices in supermarkets.

It likened the situation to the infamous winter of discontent in 1978-79. At that time, the hardships caused by the catastrophic strike eventually overthrew the government of the day.

A similar theme ran through the Spanish press El PaísI didn’t say that Europe’s second-largest economy suffered from such a shortage since the “sinister decade of the ’70s.”

European workers who left the UK during the pandemic could not easily return to work due to new strict immigration regulations after Britain’s departure from the EU, the newspaper said.

“The Johnson administration is reluctant to admit that its major political achievement, Brexit, can cause irreparable damage to the country’s economy, at least in the medium term. The reaction of Interior Minister Priti Patel is that employers strive to train and hire British citizens. “

An Italian online news site told readers that a traditional British Christmas dinner is now under threat due to rising gas prices “caused by Brexit.”

“Traditional Christmas dinners are at stake in the UK and we have to fight the lack of meat on the shelves of supermarkets in the UK,” said a report.

“This can all be traced back to Brexit. The withdrawal of Britain from the European Union has led to higher gas prices and the closure of two large fertilizer production plants in the country.”

European newspapers blame Brexit for Britain’s supply chain crisis

Source link European newspapers blame Brexit for Britain’s supply chain crisis

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