Everything you need to know about Cat Burns

Catburns is the name on everyone’s lips — and of course. She can’t scroll TikTok long without encountering the soothing tone of a 22-year-old singer.

Content creator and musician single “Go” reached the top three of the UK charts earlier this year, with more than 66 million streams on Spotify alone, so I think you’ve heard this tragic national anthem. There is no doubt. But who is behind that smooth voice? Here’s everything you need to know about Burns.

Who is Cat Burns?

From street performances to battles in London’s South Bank Harry Styles Burns, who topped the UK charts, has been a whirlwind for several years.She went to a BRIT school famous for producing things like Adele, Amy WinehouseAnd Jessie J, but her story was unsuccessful overnight.

Talk to Gay Times, Coverster revealed that she felt defeated for a long time and questioned her purpose. Due to her lack of money and “no follow”, the singer argued whether she was “intended to play music”. But like many modern stars, everything changed when she started posting videos on TikTok during a pandemic.

The artist first posted a dance video, but her songs were the ones that got the most attention, from cover songs to original tracks. Her single “Go” has been released since 2020. Written about having the power to be deceived and eventually leave, the song finally signed a record deal with the singer after becoming viral as the soundtrack to the TikTok trend.

Signing an RCA record owned by Sony Music Entertainment, Burns saw her song reach the UK Top 3. Since then, it has been a non-stop success. British artist Sam Smith jumped on the track in June 2022, drawing more attention to Burns’ ability to write and compose songs. It’s almost impossible to dislike their perfect voice combination. This duo is free. .. .. * Chef’s kiss *.

She is not a one-hit wonder either. Her other songs “I Don’t Blame You”, “F * ckboy” and “Free” are sought after by millions of people every day. Burns is Streatham’s own superstar and has 1.2 million TikTok followers, so her success is showing no signs of slowing down.

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What is Catburns sexuality?

Burns is a strange woman. She is loud and proud of her support for the LGBTQ + community. She returned in June 2020, Burns told her TikTok followers She likes “girls and boys” and recognizes them as bisexual. Her social media star was released in 2021 with her girlfriend Jody, but her pair later broke up.

Burns’ identity as a weird woman colors her music, and she shares her experience through songs to “help others.” When she released the song “Free”, the star often and really won the hearts of the LGBTQ + community. This song is meant to help you understand your identity as a queer person and has been played 1 million times a week (before it was published on Spotify!).

Burns has allowed her to deal with the internalized homosexual aversions of the past and uses her platform to reassure her queer fans that “it will be better.”she said Her Tik Tok About her single “Free”: “I was very surprised that people loved it. I rushed to my label and said,” I think this song makes a lot of sense to many people, so I put it out. Will you please? ” I said yes. “

Burns, an emotional expression of TikTok In harmony with her mother, On top of the intimate lyrics, he is also a singer. The video was particularly touching as the whole song was based on the fear of revealing her sexuality to her mother. When Burns made fun of this song on TikTok, she wrote:

Since dropping the track, Burns has been flooded with messages about how “free” has helped to embrace and share the sexuality of others with the world. “I wrote the song literally in an hour, so I’m crazy to see it have had such a profound impact on people,” she told the Gay Times. “I think it’s part of a wave of LGBTQ + artists that encourages others to be more open. We’re dating people who haven’t gone out yet, and love and relationships. Singing about more complex things in the theme. Artists are more comfortable telling these important stories, both lyrically and visually, and I’m more open. “

In addition to helping fans come out, she talked about changing the way she identifies and dresses and freeing herself from the “male verification hut.” But as a queer black woman, Burns wants to touch the hearts of queer black artists in particular. She publicly talked about the additional barriers the singer faced due to the combination of race and sexuality. “After being rejected by the label, I really wanted to prove myself,” she said. NME.. “I think I understand their anxieties because I’ve never seen black women doing what I want to do. When I first went [the labels], They didn’t really know what to do with me because there is no one like me yet. “She added. The truth too. “”

What is Cat Burns’ musical style?

Burns’ music definitely falls into the pop category, but she continues to be herself.According to her Sony Music ProfileBurns takes advantage of “gospel influence, pop inspiration, love for guitar and indie-led music.”

Burns has a completely unique voice and style, but she proudly quotes Ed Sheeran, India.Arie, and Tori Kelly as some of her greatest inspirations. She writes that the overall purpose of Burns’ music is “to help you get things done one at a time.” Instagram.. And boy, is she right!

What is the Catburns constellation?

Born June 6, 2000, Burns is Gemini.In a recent video Nera Rose For Spotify, YouTuber commented on how “mature” Burns was before asking for the constellations. “I’m like a deep Gemini because I was born 6th and 6th,” she says.

It makes sense that the singer was born under the signature of a variable Gemini. This sign thrives with change, and that’s exactly what Burns represents. Gemini, dominated by Mercury, is a sign of communication. This sign must be able to express itself.

The moon was in Aries on Burns’ birthday and made her the month of Gemini. Your lunar sign represents your emotions, how you grow, how you are treated, and how you want to be loved. The funny thing is that Aries is a pioneer, action and explosive emotions are everything. Burns may seem very calm and calm, but her passionate Aries moon has achieved and succeeded her. She is a respected power, which is written on the stars.

Everything you need to know about Cat Burns

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