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Evil murderer who chopped his wife’s body could be released from prison next month

A calculated murderer who strangled his wife and chopped her body could be released from prison next month.

Mitchell Kui In 1998 he killed his wife and two mothers, Lindsey Kui.

Kui afflicted police and the general public for 18 months when he invited the press into him Berkdale After she went missing on Christmas 1998, she went home and appealed for her two mothers, Lindsey, to return.

Kui always denied that it had nothing to do with his wife’s disappearance.

He called the radio station and appeared on a talk show, claiming that Lindsey had just woken up one day and never returned.

In fact, the sadistic murderer strangled her, chopped her body, and-with the help of his brother Elliott-hid her body around Southport.

Kui was imprisoned for life in January 2001, and Elliott was sentenced to seven years in prison for helping dispose of his body.

Mitchell, Lindsey Kui and the kids

Her head and hands were never found.

Quy remains behind a category A prison because he was previously denied parole twice.

However, in a Facebook post, Lindsey’s family says he thinks he’s “very likely” to be released this time.

The post says: “On June 17, there will be a parole hearing to determine the weather. [Quy] You will be released from prison.

“Our family is very confident that he will be released this time.”

Thousands of people helped their families in a passionate battle to keep the murderer’s ex-husband behind the bar, and in 2017 a petition calling for refusal to release parole received more than 7,500 signatures.

The post continues: “I would like to thank everyone who supported us by sharing and signing a petition that we believe had put him in jail before he was seeking parole.”

The Parole Commissions of England and Wales have confirmed that a parole review will take place this month.

Spokesman said echo : “Oral hearings are listed for Mitchell Kui’s parole review and will take place in June.

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“The Parole Commission’s decision focuses only on what risks prisoners may pose to the public if released and whether those risks are manageable in the community.

“The panel carefully examines a variety of evidence, including details of the original crime and evidence of behavioral change, to investigate the harm and impact of the crime on the victim.

“Members read and digest hundreds of pages of evidence and reports before the oral hearing.

“Evidence from witnesses such as protection observers, psychiatrists and psychologists, personnel overseeing criminals in prisons, and personal statements of victims will be provided at the hearing.

“Then, prisoners and witnesses are often questioned lengthly during hearings that last for more than a full day.

“Parole reviews are conducted with rigorous and meticulous care. Protecting the public is our number one priority.”

Evil murderer who chopped his wife's body could be released from prison next month

Source link Evil murderer who chopped his wife's body could be released from prison next month

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