Exciting Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great tourist magnet with many fun and exciting things to do, including water and beach sports, food, art, fun nights out, and football. The city is filled with parks, museums, landmarks, and famous sights and attractions such as Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, and Camp Nou. Below are exciting things to do in Barcelona.

1.    Enjoy the club experience

Barcelona has some of the best clubs in Europe, where party-goers can have fun and dance the night away. Whether you’re looking for a private social club experience from clubs such as Dragons Chamber Club Barcelona, open-air clubs, or clubs that attract large crowds, your options are endless.

2.    Indulge in beach volleyball

It’s highly likely to spot volleyball nets all over Barcelona beaches, and chances of finding people already playing are high. You can check out some of the Barcelona beaches for the best volleyball experience, including Playa de Bogatell Barcelona and Playa de la Nova Icaria.

3.    Try a private boat sailing experience

A private sailing boat provides an experience that you and your loved ones can enjoy for an entire day or during sunsets. It allows you to experience Barcelona’s whole skyline from the sea. Enjoy the sun and the breeze. You can also enjoy some relaxing music as you savor some drinks and snacks. Consider learning boat riding if you like.

4.    Take cooking classes

Barcelona is ideal for taking some cooking lessons at an affordable rate. You can visit the local market to learn crema Catalana, Spanish tortilla, and gazpacho. You can also learn how to mix sangria. Learn one of Spain’s signature dishes, paella, a big platter of rice, seafood, meat and vegetables meant to be shared. While it can get messy at times, it’s a great activity to enjoy alone or with friends.

5.    Enjoy a view of Barcelona from above

A helicopter ride will give you a fantastic view of Barcelona from the air. From above the ground, you can have a spectacular tour of details such as the Statue of Columbus, World Trade Center, Mare magnum, and the entire coastline to Puerto Olimpico, Barceloneta’s antique quarter fishers, Marbella beach, and the Forum of the cultures.

6.    Learn street photography

If you’re a creative tourism fan, consider taking a photo tour. You can have photographic walks customized where a professional team can guide you through the city’s charming backstreets to capture the city’s soul through your lens. It doesn’t matter the kind of camera you take to your photography tour, but the skills you gain will make you stand out.

7.    Visit Montjuic

Known as the Spanish village, Montjuic is among Barcelona’s top attractions. It’s the only place where you can find all the country’s architectural designs. The village also contains workshops, art museums, flamenco tablaos, audiovisual shows, souvenir shops, nightclubs, and restaurants.


Barcelona is a vibrant city known for its nightlife, beaches, architectural designs, food, and more. Consider including the above in your list of exciting things to do the next time you visit Barcelona.


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