Expansion of York City Center adds 360 Certified Accountants

Royal Charter Accounting Practice 360, headquartered in the hull, has opened a new office in York.

The company is developing a portfolio of customers in the city, and director Andy Steel firmly believes that this is a great opportunity to open a base.

Steele said: “I’m really excited to open an office in the center of York.

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“Expanding outside of Hull and East Yorkshire has always been in our business plan, and as York’s client portfolio grew, we seized the opportunity, and both current and future clients. I can’t wait to welcome you to the breakhouse. “

The new office is located on Break Street, a few meters from the Davygate and Stonegate junctions and Betty’s tea room.

“I chose this place because it’s in the center of the city,” Steele said.

“We have a great, continuously growing business economy here and we know that our service is perfect for so many business owners who have been hit hard in the last two years. increase.

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“We worked on the entire pandemic and provided advice and support to everyone, clients and non-clients who needed it. We guided them through various government grants and clients were all Helped the sector claim a layoff of about £ 10 million.

“There are also some great innovations that have helped businesses adapt to changing climates. We understand what people have experienced and are still experiencing. We can’t wait to start sharing our knowledge and expertise with more companies across York. “

The company recently appointed New Practice Manager and Director In preparation for expanding its geographical footprint. Steele has also been appointed as an ambassador by the local management association.

We have invested heavily in technologies that simplify and accelerate our processes, enabling our clients to see real-time records 24/7. In the last two years when I needed to work from home, it turned out to be invaluable.

Jono Stead, 360’s corporate portfolio manager, will lead the York office. He states: Our continued growth is a testament to our commitment to our clients. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with my current clients in York and meeting more business owners in the coming months. “

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Expansion of York City Center adds 360 Certified Accountants

Source link Expansion of York City Center adds 360 Certified Accountants

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