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Experts claim that Megan Markle’s “image was everything and Ellen’s room was damage control.”

Megan MarkleRecent interview American TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres It has been branded as an attempt to redeem itself by royal experts.

Duncan Larcom, author Prince Harry: Inside Story believes in the look of Duchess of Sussex In Ellen’s room, it was “damage control” following Megan.

Megan’s Ellen DeGeneres is her attempt to redeem herself after the failure of her court where she mistakenly remembered the facts.

The Duchess of Sussex was forced to apologize to the court for forgetting the mail during the proceedings in a proceeding against Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), the publisher of The Mail on Sunday in the United Kingdom.

Megan apologized for not mentioning the email to the aide who was talking to the author in an informal book.

Megan forgot the email he exchanged with his aide who was explaining to the author an unauthorized biography of her and Prince Harry.

Talk to Closer, Duncan said: “It’s a blow to Megan to have to apologize for misremembering the facts in court.

“She caused confusion to herself and now loses some control of the story. Harry and Megan like to hear their voices and share the so-called truth.

Megan Markle's new television interview with US chat host Ellen DeGeneres
Megan conducted her first solo television interview as a royal family with US chat host Ellen DeGeneres.

“Meghan’s image and reputation are absolutely everything to her, so if either is adversely affected, she has to do something to fix things. Ellen’s interview is in my view. It was a kind of damage control. “

The Duchess of Sussex previously won the battle with Associated Newspapers Limited over the issuance of a letter to her father, Thomas Markle.

Associate Newspapers Limited is currently disagreeing with the decision and believes that a trial should be held.

Megan Markle
Megan previously won a proceeding against Associated Newspapers Limited, but this decision is fascinating.

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It is rumored that Megan and Harry may have a top-up interview with Oprah Winfrey following an interview earlier this year when the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess dropped the bomb claim.

In the first interview with Oprah in March, the couple made controversial claims about racism in the royal family.

Prince Harry and Megan
Harry and Megan were rumored to be having a second interview with Oprah Winfrey.

They also revealed the extent of Megan’s mental health problems while working as a royal family and how they were ignored.

She claimed that the lack of support made her feel suicide.

The interview also questioned royal experts why the couple chose to speak in a high-profile interview after previously claiming that they wanted a “private life” from the UK.

Experts claim that Megan Markle's "image was everything and Ellen's room was damage control."

Source link Experts claim that Megan Markle's "image was everything and Ellen's room was damage control."

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