Experts encourage careful investigation to identify post-COVID syndrome

Dr. Steve Holmes, Somerset GP and Education Leader of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, spoke at the RCGP Annual Conference 2021 and said healthcare professionals are constantly learning about the medium- to long-term effects of COVID-19. ..

He urged the GP to take care of his colleagues and warned that historically the pandemic had forced a significant number of doctors to retire early. Polls suggest that it can happen in the current crisis..

Dr. Holmes also emphasized the impact of COVID-19 on people who do not have the disease itself: those who have lost work, income, family and friends.

Post-COVID syndrome

“In the UK today, more people are going to food banks than ever before,” he told the conference. “Such an impact on the social life of many people leads to increased attendance in medical care.

“At Somerset last month, almost half of the population was seen face-to-face. I know that an incredible amount of work is being done and that is being done nationwide.”

The Social Impact of COVID-19-The “Predictable Legacy of the Shield” in terms of increased domestic violence, increased waiting time, delayed care, and increased isolation and loneliness has been with us for some time. ‘, Dr. Holmes warned. “It’s not just about getting sick,” he added.

For patients who have been shielded for a long time, doctors said they need to be aware of the risks associated with “illness” after long-term quarantine. There is an increased risk of falls, poor mental health, osteoporosis, infections, and even cardiovascular and respiratory deterioration. result.

Long-term recovery

He said all GPs were likely to have encountered patients experiencing long-term recovery from COVID-19. However, he said he was not initially experiencing the most serious illness and was often the patient who developed long-term symptoms. .. “

Dr. Holmes said post-COVID syndrome may be considered in patients who “have symptoms and symptoms after 12 weeks and have no alternative diagnosis.”

But he warned:’It’s not always easy. The brain should remain open for anemia, cancer, COPD, myocarditis, multiple myalgia, hypothyroidism, and diabetes. He warned that all of this could present with symptoms that “overlap with post-COVID syndrome.”

He cited the case of a patient who experienced fatigue for several months after COVID-19 infection. This was attributed to the patient and several clinicians due to post-COVID syndrome. However, Dr. Holmes said the investigation revealed that he had multiple myalgias that were treated relatively quickly.


Dr. Holmes said early estimates that 1 in 10 people infected with COVID-19 could experience long-term symptoms are “declining.”

He said at a meeting that there was no “universal” answer as to whether patients should exercise or rest during recovery from post-COVID syndrome. Dr. Holmes added:

Quoting advice from occupational health professionals, he said the best advice was “to be kind to yourself”, which should be applied to both the patient and the GP himself.

Experts encourage careful investigation to identify post-COVID syndrome

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