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Experts explain if the risk of covid is low

Policy makers and scientists have been wondering since it became clear that Omicron variants cause less severe illnesses than other Covid strains. Is this a way to get out of the pandemic?

As highly infectious strains are replaced A more harmful version of Covid-19, Does this indicate that the virus loses vapor?

However, Omicron is not a milder form of Delta, and Delta is a potentially deadly version of Alpha.

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All of these variants evolved in an “unstable” way, with many mutations occurring suddenly, originating from a common ancestor rather than each other.

There is no guarantee that the next dominant stock will emerge from Omicron Or it will continue on a milder illness trajectory.

Future variants are possible other than that.

Professor Ian Bakan, University of Liverpool The Institute of Population Health said the virus “evolves to survive.”

He explained: “The mathematical rules are very simple. The more copies you can make on their own, the better the performance. Therefore, by not killing people, the better the performance.

“It was very smart at Omicron. It was very successful. It killed fewer people, and it spread almost everywhere (everywhere). That’s what happens.

“We cannot be satisfied because people with weakened immunity make many copies in one person rather than being passed on to many others immediately.

“By random error alone, that DNA can produce annoying things. If it’s annoying and infectious, it’s a perfect storm.

“It doesn’t happen very often, thank God, but that’s our concern so far, to pay close attention to that incubator of the nasty virus.”

Professor Iain Buchan is the Dean of the Institute of Population Health and leads the evaluation of Liverpool’s community test pilots.

Many viruses, such as influenza and seasonal coronavirus, follow a pattern in which one variant evolves into another, as it builds immunity to previous versions.

Covid-19 follows a pattern that is difficult to predict. With new variants like delta When Omicron It emerges from somewhere other than the previous dominant stocks such as alpha and beta.

The Alpha variant, Also called Kent variant, Like other strains that have come to dominate infectious diseases, a huge number of genetic mutations have emerged. 17 of them are strains.

Suspected Alpha variant The virus appears in a single patient with a chronic infection that lasts long enough to replicate multiple times in a single host, increasing the risk of the virus collecting concern-causing mutations.

Such a big leap is more difficult to track than usual. Gradual evolution of the virus In the general public, a large collection of changes is more likely to circumvent the protection provided by vaccines and innate immunity.

Professor Buchan Said: “[Viruses] Usually you go to the nest, which is a hierarchical nest of evolution. This is pretty unstable.

“It may be due to a huge number. If there are more people whose virus can mutate because of a pandemic, it’s very that someone’s immune system hasn’t completely cleared it. You’ll see rare cases, until it happens to create something really annoying.

“And we know about it because that person really gets sick.

“But that’s how the virus works. It’s a virus in a very small computer program, but it’s … a very smart way.”

In addition to masking and ventilation, vaccines continue to be the best way to limit the spread of the coronavirus and put an end to the pandemic.

Their protection against serious illness as a result of covid infection reduces the chances of the virus collecting major genetic changes.

One day the pandemic is over, but we’re not there yet.

Experts explain if the risk of covid is low

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