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Experts warn against dangerous TikTok trends that can cause scars in your private life

Intimate experts warned against danger Ticktaku Tendency that can cause burns and scars on your private parts.

On social media platforms, many users have posted videos about “candied” and many of the short clips are spread by word of mouth.

Candied fruit is usually done by salon specialists and is a method of removing hair from the body.

Hairdressers can use sugar gel to bind the hair to pull out the roots of the hair and easily remove it.

However, many decided to try the technique themselves at home during the blockade of the coronavirus while the salon was closed.

Experts warn against dangerous home beauty TikTok trends

When done correctly, candied fruit is less irritating than traditional waxing and shaving. However, one expert warns that it can do more damage than good.

Stephanie Taylor, an intimate health expert and managing director of Kegel8, said that people should think twice before choosing to try home cosmetology treatments while they are blocked.

She states: “Some women (and some men) use candied technology to wax their legs and armpits, while others are also trying it on their pubic hair.”

Experts continued to tell the sun: “Candied fruit, which mixes sugar and lemon with boiling water to create a sticky solution that pulls hair from the skin, can cause terrible reprimands on sensitive skin in intimate areas when the water temperature is high. It’s too hot to apply.

TikTok's candied tendency
Many people on TikTok are taking her away at home by “candied”

“This can leave painful burns, dangerous infections, and irreversible scarring.”

TikTok has become a hotbed for life hacks in the blockade, and sugar-related tags such as “sugaringwax” ​​have gained over 30 million views as people try their techniques at home.

According to Stephanie, people use household items such as sugar, lemon and water to make wax. But she said they are very similar to dangerous substances.

“Very worrisome, the recipe is very similar to the homemade substance that prison prisoners often use as a weapon, colloquially known as napalm. The mixture adheres to the skin. It intensifies burns and inflicts horrific injuries on people.

TikTok's candied tendency
If done incorrectly, it can cause burns and genital scars.

“This blockade, I recommend leaving the intimate waxing to an expert or buying a home kit from a well-known brand that comes with trial and error instructions to keep you safe. . “

One TikTok user, called Mira, claims she has been waxing her feet with candied technology for years, and says the trick is to use an oiled surface.

She uses her “disgusting” feet to demonstrate DIY beauty treatments on social media sites. She says she hasn’t touched it for a month because she’s in quarantine.

Mira poured 64g of sugar and 32g of lemon juice into the pot and explained, “This is how I grew up.”

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She added: “Mix it, and when it turns caramel, oil it-and that’s the trick-and put it on the oiled surface.

“And you take a little water and stretch it as it cools.

“To make sure it’s cool and stretchy, you need to display something like this:

“Next, make sure you have wet rags, as you will need to wipe your hands to prevent sugar from sticking to your hands.

“So you spread it on my nasty legs, as you can see, it was the month I was in quarantine.”

Mira’s clip was watched 8 million times on TikTok, and people were amazed at the home beauty hack.

Experts warn against dangerous TikTok trends that can cause scars in your private life

Source link Experts warn against dangerous TikTok trends that can cause scars in your private life

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