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Experts warn that cases of coronavirus need to fall “dramatically” before the blockade can be eased.

Leading government-advising scientists warn that daily coronavirus cases need to be dramatically reduced before Boris Johnson considers mitigating blockade measures.

It is “unwise” for the government to create a roadmap Blockade Before local Infection; infection Sir Jeremy Farrar, director and member of Wellcome Trust, said he was in control. Scientific advisory group for emergencies (Sage).

Thursday’s daily government figures showed an additional 13,494 cases of coronavirus confirmed in the United Kingdom.

A recently released estimate from the Office for National Statistics estimates that 1 in 65 private UK households will be infected with Covid-19 between January 24 and 30, equivalent to 846,900.

According to the Wellcome Trust, Sir Jeremy said ONS data needs to be lowered from the current level of about 750,000 to less than 50,000 before the government considers deregulation.

The number of cases per day should be reduced to less than 1,000, preferably less than 500 per day.

Downing Street said ministers would “consider round data” on the deregulation decision.

The prime minister On February 22nd he set his roadmap to ease the blockade.

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However, Sir Jeremy said it “meaningless” to plan to relax the restrictions on any date in March or April.

He states: “In the UK, transmissions are still incredibly high. If transmissions were still at this level and we weren’t blocked, we would go into blockade.

“Today, 750,000 people are infected in the UK, but there is still great pressure on the NHS and the country’s critical care.

“We have made great strides. The United Kingdom has 13 million people vaccinated in the country and deserves a great deal of credit for the science behind vaccines and their deployment.

“But the transmission speed is still incredibly high and we need to lower it. Before we can think of lifting the limit, we need to limit it to thousands.”

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He describes the BBC Radio 4 Today program as follows: As a result, transmission has resumed in this country. “

An official spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “We hope that infection rates will continue to decline throughout the UK, especially by relieving pressure on the NHS and ultimately reducing the number of people who die sadly.

“Look at the round data and use it to inform the roadmap.”

Experts warn that cases of coronavirus need to fall "dramatically" before the blockade can be eased.

Source link Experts warn that cases of coronavirus need to fall "dramatically" before the blockade can be eased.

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