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Explain the appointment of Boris Johnson “Cham” to soothe the watchdog and demand labor

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Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner wants to know who ultimately decided that Ferguson should join the Commission on Standards of Living.

Labor demands that Michael Gove answer an urgent question about how Boris Johnson’s personal friend was chosen to sit on the Threes Watchdog-three weeks after his appointment. that’s all.

Ewen Ferguson, a former lawyer for top firm Herbert Smith Freehills, was selected over 171 other candidates and is a member of a committee that draws attention to public living standards in early August. Was appointed to.

Ferguson dates back to his days in Oxford, a friend of the Prime Minister’s college, both of whom were members of the Brindon Club of the Elite Dining Society. They are in full formal attire, shot in 1987, and are now depicted together in the infamous snaps.

Angela Rayner, Vice-President of the Labor Party and Shadow Prime Minister of the Duchess of Lancaster, sought answers to important questions such as whether Ferguson was elected by the Prime Minister himself and whether their friendship was declared. I wrote a letter to Minister Gove of the prefecture.

The appointment of the committee is made by the Prime Minister based on the advice of the Minister of the Cabinet Office such as Gove, and the Minister of the Cabinet Office receives the advice of the Advisory and Evaluation Committee.

Rayner told HuffPost UK:

“The public deserves an answer and is a truly independent committee to wipe out this conservative favor.

“The government must clarify how the candidate list was decided, which minister advised on the appointment, who confirmed it, and why the Brindon club connection was not declared. Hmm.”

The Commission advises the Prime Minister on the ethical standards that civil servants need to adhere to while promoting the principles of public life, including integrity, objectivity and accountability.

Members of non-political committees such as Ferguson are entitled to charge up to £ 240 per day.

The Governing Code of Public Appointment states that the Minister “must not act or make decisions for financial or other significant benefit for himself, his family, or friends.” ..

“They must declare and resolve all interests and relationships,” he added.

In her letter, Reiner wrote: Being truly independent.

“The former administration and the prime ministers of all political parties have been careful in making such appointments.

“It is clear that this prime minister is unable to maintain the basic standards of integrity in public life, damaging the system’s reputation. Less than full transparency regarding this appointment exacerbates it. only.”

In July, officially appointed member Peter Liddell told Sir Evans, chairman of the committee, that he was pleased with the appointment of new members to the panel.

“We are pleased that the panel was well organized and considered the benefits of the nine finalists in a way that was consistent with the government’s governance code,” he added. Experience and background were taken into account. “

A government spokesperson said:

“His application was carefully considered for its benefits by an advisory evaluation committee chaired by Sir Evans, who interviewed him and found that he was suitable for the appointment.”

Explain the appointment of Boris Johnson “Cham” to soothe the watchdog and demand labor

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