Famous artwork given a modern makeover to enhance the impact of fly tipping

The FAMOUS artwork has been given a modern makeover to highlight the influence of fly tipping.

Richard Wilson’s River Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham has been reimagined by digital artist Quentin Devine as part of a series of classical art modified to reflect key contemporary issues. rice field.


Richard Wilson’s Twickenham, River Thames near Marble Hill was reworked as part of the projectCredit: Richard Wilson


Debris was scattered to highlight the effect of fly tippingCredit: Richard Wilson


Digital artist Quentin Devine Produces CollectionCredit: Rex

A new version of Beautiful Landscape Painting depicts a once pristine rural landscape littered with shopping carts, mattresses and household junk.

Devine’s intention is to call attention to devastating damage. fly tipping do the countryside

Other altered classics in the collection include Sir John Everett Millais’ Ophelia of the Stream. river pollution.

Meanwhile, LS Lowry’s “Coming Home from the Mill” was altered to highlight changing work patterns and increasing social isolation.

A formerly crowded scene depicting workers returning home against an industrial backdrop is now reduced to a single figure, walking home alone.

All reworked pieces were made to celebrate the launch of Samsung’s 2023 “Solve for Tomorrow” competition.

The competition encouraged young people to use technology to solve social and global problems.

Devine’s work is displayed at the brand’s flagship store in King’s Cross. London Until November 17th.

The artist said, “Reinventing the classics with a modern twist was a huge challenge, but it was like a labor of love. Many of the issues highlighted are close to my heart.

“Photographs highlight Britain’s past and present, but there is much we can do about the future. That’s why projects like Solve for Tomorrow are so important.”

Meanwhile, Sophie Edgerely Harris, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Samsung Electronics UK, said: England Today, the desire to actively contribute is at its highest.

“By reimagining some of these scenes using digital art, we hope that this year’s Solve for Tomorrow competition will inspire more people to adopt their good ideas.”

Last year’s winner invented a “smart locker” to support homeless people and mobility aids for the visually impaired, she added.


Quention has also given a makeover to Sir John Everett Millais’ Ophelia of the Stream.Credits: Sir John Everett Millais


The new version aims to draw attention to the problem of river pollutionCredits: Sir John Everett Millais

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