Ferne McCann says, “I will never quit my job,” despite having a net worth of £ 5.5 million.

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann After getting her first job as a teenager, she says, “I’ll never quit my job.”

A single mother works to support her daughter on Sunday and has accumulated a huge fortune during her year in the spotlight.

Fern is doing great things on her own because she won the place the sun’s The annual Fabulous Magazine Reality Rich List ranks 13th with an estimated £ 5.5 million in wealth.

Ferne’s path to success is “The Only Way Is Ess” before she stands in front of her show “Ferne McCann: First Time Mom” ​​and launches her fitness app “Embodiment”. It started when I first appeared in “Essex”.

Ferne became pregnant on Sunday in 2017

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Ferne “I was the girl who went to London on Friday night, dressed in nine and was about to meet a banker. And I dated a soccer player. But I got a job Never quit or rely on a man to fund me. Give me what you want.

“It’s important for me to teach my daughter. If you want something, you can definitely achieve it with all your efforts. Some people have lived an easy and comfortable life, but I’m not excited. ..

“I want to work for myself and feed my daughter. I am very comfortable and can sleep happily at night because I can take care of both of us. For us It’s rewarding to know that it’s happened.

“I love it when a single mother says I inspired them. It’s very moving and humble, and it’s the best thing I’m doing.”

Ferne McCann says,
Fern joined in 2015 I’m a celebrity

Fern got his first job at the age of 14 and was washing his hair at a hairdresser.

Her parents encouraged her to work to build her personality to help her talk to people, and she ended up staying in that job for four years.

Ferne is pregnant Her daughter sunday Back in 2017, when her then-boyfriend Arthur Collins fled following an acid attack at a London nightclub and 22 were injured, she realized she was a single mother. ..

He was later deliberately convicted of GBH, like ABH, and imprisoned for 20 years.

Ferne McCann says,
Ferne McCann: First Time Mum running in 7 series

Fern broke up with Arthur as soon as he learned about the attack.

Ferne McCann: First Mom Although it was a one-time start in 2017, ITV continues to shoot seven series, and Ferne describes the show as close to her heart.

When asked if she wanted more children, Ferne said, “No doubt. Sunday is my best companion and settles down at school. I want her a brother. She is my blessing. “

Ferne McCann says, "I will never quit my job," despite having a net worth of £ 5.5 million.

Source link Ferne McCann says, "I will never quit my job," despite having a net worth of £ 5.5 million.

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