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first, Volkswagen Beetle, And then mini And now Fiat 500.. After all, the script is the same. A small, inexpensive and practical car that has been symbolized by the purity and brilliance of engineering. A few years later, the model will be restarted as a dark-styled object, emphasizing premium builds and desirability.

The original Nova 500 was so basic that it was partially devised as a replacement for scooters. There was one engine option, two seats (at launch) and a suicide door. By comparison, pour into the latest Fiat 500 option list and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of different ways to specify a car.

However, despite the clear emphasis on the novelty and design of this type of car, the appeal does not necessarily have to subside when done properly. Well-built and perfect for driving, the 500 has successfully morphed into a second generation Fiat Not stubborn at the Fiat 500, but for witnessing the opportunity mini, And extend the range of 500, Fiat 500L, Fiat 500L MPW, Fiat 500 Convertible And that Fiat 500X, Its cute retro styling is certainly very popular.

First shown in 2007, 50 years after the launch of Cinquecento, which stimulated it, the 500 proved Fiat’s hit, boosted sales and significantly improved the brand’s image. But don’t think this car is all retro. The TwinAir version is one of the most mechanically radical members of the lineup, and its two-cylinder motor introduced Fiat’s acclaimed MultiAir valve system for the first time in the 500. In 2015, this retro replay was a highly necessary refurbishment that appeared to be a 1900 change to the Fiat Victory formula. Most notably, the headlights, taillights and bumper adjustments.

Fiat 500 Review (2021) | Autocar

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