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The School Library Association (SLA) is looking for nominations for the School Librarian of the Year Awards. Recommendations are free and welcome anyone working in the school library, including those who are not members of the SLA.

For the first time this year, the School Librarian of the Year Award will be divided into two categories, both elementary and junior high school. Sponsored by Primary, Authors Abroad, Funded by Secondary, Foyle Foundation. Recommendations from special school library staff are also encouraged. The deadline for nominations is November 8, 2021.

In its 17th year, the School Librarian of the Year Award is SLA’s prestigious honor, recognizing the outstanding work done daily in the school library and emphasizing the outstanding commitment to excellence in the school library.

The input and selection process is designed to be very simple. NS Recommendation form We need a short summary of information, including showcase projects, support provided for education and learning, how libraries encourage reading for fun, and how libraries are promoted throughout the school. All nominations are anonymized, so each nomination will be treated equally by the SLYA panel.

The finalists are then visited by at least two members of the panel to notify them of the final decision.

Alison Tarant, Chief Executive Officer of the School Library Association, said: -The evolution of the importance of libraries in schools. The award also helps highlight best practices by celebrating outstanding service and support.

“Successful finalists of this year’s school librarians will be offered many opportunities to raise their profile, enhance their career opportunities, and further increase their school and school librarian profile.”

To recommend someone at the school library, go to the following website:

Find a School Librarian of the Year – Education Today

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