Find Out How Cricket++ And GetMega Have Different UI and Gameplay

Online gaming platforms that offer fantasy games in sports like cricket and football are becoming very popular amongst the masses. Seeing this, companies and online gaming platforms are coming up with several other fantasy sports leagues and social games that people can enjoy playing along with the perks of earning real cash rewards.

Cricket++ and GetMega are two such online gaming platforms that are becoming amongst the top choices amongst players interested in fantasy sports and other real money reward games.

A Brief Look Into Some Aspects of Cricket++ And GetMega

Points like safety and security, legitimacy, the overall gameplay experience and User Interface are some aspects that must be considered before choosing an online gaming platform before participating in its games. Given below is a brief insight into such points in Cricket++ and GetMega.

A responsive and simple User Interface makes the whole gaming experience much easier and enjoyable.

User Interface (UI)

Cricket++ has a pretty seamless and simple User Interface. The players can easily interact with the game without any hassle or difficulties. This aspect helps bring a positive impact to the overall user experience of the platform. Every aspect of the game has been designed to make the gaming experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

GetMega has a very intuitive as well as an interactive UI which makes the overall gaming experience delightful and fully enjoyable. The players face no disruptions while interacting with the games and can proceed seamlessly. The UI has been carefully designed and developed to ensure maximum enjoyment and convenience of the players.


Being a gaming platform solely focused on the game of cricket, Cricket++ offers horizontal gameplay to enhance the gaming experience and make it convenient to play. With a few simple steps to register, login and play now, the players can start playing the game. The selection of the players the user wishes to choose for his fantasy cricket game can be done by tapping on the thumbs-up present beside the players’ names.

GetMega offers both horizontal as well as vertical gameplay. This depends on the type of game being chosen to play. For instance, games like GoPool and Rummy have horizontal gameplay whereas Carrom, Poker, and a few other games on the app have vertical gameplay. This is solely for the players’ convenience and to amplify the enjoyment factor of the games.

GetMega uses vibrant colours for key elements that are optimally displayed so as to make them easily identifiable and easy to use for the players.

Types Of Games Available

As the name itself might suggest, Cricket++ is a gaming platform that offers fantasy cricket to its players. It does not have options for any other type of sports or a variety of games. However, it has exciting fantasy cricket tournaments and events that players can play online and win real money rewards with.

GetMega offers real money games in three main categories. The first category is Cards, which has gaming options like Poker and Rummy. The second is Casual games, which include games like Carrom, Warship, GoPool, Dots and Dash, and more. Lastly, GK, 123 and PicMe are games available under the Trivia Category.

Audio-Video Feature

Although the visual gaming experience is enjoyable in Cricket++, it does not have any such audio-video feature available on the platform.

GetMega is the only real cash gaming platform in India, at the moment that possesses the new audio-video feature on its app. Players can listen to HD quality sound as well as enjoy viewing in high-resolution video while playing. More than 8 games on GetMega can be played using the video-chat mode. This feature makes the gaming experience with family and friends all the more exciting and enjoyable.

Sign-Up Bonus

Both Cricket++ and GetMega offer sign-up bonuses to the players. Which can, later on, be used by the respective players to play games on the app.

Safe And Legal

Cricket++ is a very safe real money fantasy gaming platform. It is certified and verifies the account of players using phone numbers, email addresses, and PAN card details.

GetMega is totally verified and safe. It is a member of the All India Gaming Federation, is within the bounds of the Indian laws, and has RNG certification. Meaning it is certified by both national as well as international bodies.

It is a gaming platform that features only skill-based games that have no involvement of gambling, luck, or chance in it. The app allows no bots to pass through and allows no foul play. It provides a level field for all players.

Such real money games can very quickly become negative if players are not careful of their addiction to them. If played recklessly, it can pose financial threats. Also, be very careful before choosing a real-money gaming platform as there are many fraudulent ones making false claims and scamming innocent individuals.


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