Fire protection defect of 1,000 tower blocks 5 years after Glenfell

Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of the fire in Glenfell, killing 72 people. The building Because it was wrapped in a flammable coating, it was quickly wrapped in flames.

London Fire BrigadeAccording to the latest figures, there are 1,100 homes in the capital, and due to fire protection flaws, including but not limited to dangerous coverings, residents need to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Other fire protection issues include flammable balconies, inadequate fire doors, and missing firebreaks. Affected buildings require measures such as continuous awakening surveillance patrols and general warning systems to alert all residents to a fire. In many cases, the lease owner will have to bear the cost.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said before the anniversary that he was “grieving and angry” at the “lack of action taken in the last five years.”

He added that the families of Glenfell’s victims are responsible and want to learn lessons.

Kahn said: A fire spreads and people die. It cannot be said that the government and parliament were not warned at that time. “

The mayor urges the government to accept all recommendations made by a public inquiry into Glenfell and to “accelerate progress” on the approval of grants for dressing restoration and other building safety assistance. I did.

To date, London has received just 83 grants from the government’s £ 30m Awakening Watch Relief Fund to cover the cost of replacing expensive patrols.

Over 486 skyscrapers in the country were found to be covered with Glenfell-style ACM cladding.

The latest figures show that 58 of them are still covered and 27 are in the process of being repaired. Work has not yet begun to remove ACM from the remaining 31 buildings.

Thousands of buildings are still covered with different types of flammable dressings. To date, 131 grants from the Government Building Safety Fund for the restoration of non-ACM coverings have been paid in London, despite more than 1,829 registrations to the fund from both the private and social sectors. I did.

Matt Luck, General Secretary of the Fire Union, explained how “painfully slow” the removal of dangerous covers in the United Kingdom.

The government said: “45 of the largest homebuilders to date have signed a developer pledge and will donate £ 5 billion to repair unsafe buildings. They will quickly help people feel at home. I look forward to working with you. “

£ 15,000 from nightly patrols and pockets after a day at work

Ritusaha, a resident of North Point in Bromley, where Glenfell-style cladding was found

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Homeowners talked about how people living in her building were still unable to recover costs from the cladding scandal and were forced to do their own fire patrols to save money.

Ritu Saha, a 47-year-old college administrator, purchased a leasehold for her apartment for development in Bromley at the end of 2015.

In November 2017, residents of her building were told that their blocks were covered with the same aluminum composite cladding as the Grenfell Tower.

They were told by the fire brigade that they needed to put in an awake clock and hire an outside fire department to patrol the building. But after spending at least £ 650,000-700,000 at the fire department alone, she explained how residents took it to patrol the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

She states: “I was working full time, so I had to go home at 6:30 pm and crawl the building myself from 7 pm to midnight. And I did this for months. “

The fire brigade told them to install a new £ 120,000 fire alarm system, she said, which was finally installed in June 2019 after they raised funds.

However, we couldn’t claim the cost because we installed the alarm before the fire alarm funding was announced. In total, Saha calculates that he has lost “at least £ 15,000.”

She asked the government to reimburse all costs using the money received from the developers involved in the cladding scandal.

I met the police who were “absolutely focused” on the investigation

The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday said it was “absolutely focused” on the criminal investigation of the Glenfell fire.

There are 180 investigators in Scotland Yard investigating whether allegations of manslaughter or fraud in a company could be caused in connection with a fire.

We are considering the roles of the 36 companies involved in the renovation of the tower.

Stuart Kandy, Deputy Commissioner of Baseball, said: They have my commitment to keep the Metropolitan Museum of Art absolutely focused on criminal investigations. “

Fire protection defect of 1,000 tower blocks 5 years after Glenfell

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