Five must-see areas to work on at home this Christmas

It’s a big Christmas tidying up time as many of us look forward to welcoming family and friends together for a festive time.

Unfortunately, people bring bacteria and insects. And while the seasons are getting cheerful, it’s also time to take seriously to keep our home clean and hygienic.

These are five household areas where cleaning is essential but often overlooked.

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Game controller and console

Make sure to give all game consoles the proper scrubs before giving the controller to anyone. Video game consoles, especially controllers, are notorious for dirt and bacteria. Bread crumbs and grease are added to the mix for those who eat light meals during the game.

It works well with a warm damp cloth and a mild disinfectant, first turn off all power and unplug. Use a cotton swab to get into the crack behind the button and the groove under the thumbstick. If you turn it back on only when they are completely dry, the game will turn on!


No one likes to clean the toilet, but if left unchecked, it will get a lot of bacteria. The strictest cleaning method is required.

You should clean the entire area around the sheet, cistern, and toilet with an antibacterial cleaner at least twice a week. Clean the inside of the bowl with bleach, soak it for a while first, and then scrub it well with a toilet brush. It ends with a flash.

How to treat moisture and mold:

Cutlery and glassware

Cutlery and glassware touch our food, drinks and mouth, so it is common sense to keep them clean and sterile. Sometimes the dishwasher doesn’t do the trick, and requires a little elbow grease.

Hot water and standard dishwashing liquid are sufficient, but be sure to scrub thoroughly and wash off the soap thoroughly before drying. Bacteria grow much faster in damp conditions, so clean up items only after they are completely dry.

Door handle and light switch

Handles come in a variety of materials such as steel, brass, pewter, silver and glass. In most cases, using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water will work, but it is worth checking the material-specific guidelines online. The light switch can be a soft cloth lightly moistened with water or liquid cleaner. After cleaning, allow it to dry completely. Don’t forget the bathroom pull code.


Bacteria and viruses grow slower than room temperature in the refrigerator, but they do not stop completely. Keeping the refrigerator clean should be a priority.

An antibacterial cleanser is ideal. For proper deep clean, all foods must first be removed to avoid contamination. Removing the shelves makes it easier to clean the entire shelf, including the bottom and back. Then rub the inside of the refrigerator well with a warm, damp cloth and antibacterial agent, and be sure to wipe it dry before changing food.

Something like a cut lemon, or Croc Odor XL When placed in the refrigerator, it neutralizes malodors, prevents mutual contamination of food flavors, and protects the taste of foods during Christmas holidays.

Five must-see areas to work on at home this Christmas

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