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Flagged as a possible submarine cargo route from Belfast to Glasgow

The company developing a zero-emission submarine capable of transporting cargo between Glasgow and Belfast was awarded a £ 23 million share of the government’s Green Maritime Fund.

The fully automated container is designed to be “net positive” by running on green hydrogen and collecting microplastics. Ministry of Transport (DfT) Said.

According to DfT, the fleet can secure 27 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the first year of operation.

Another project was awarded Government funding We are developing a charging point for electric boats connected to offshore wind turbines.

They behave like electric car chargers, with sailors plugging in to charge the ship and set sail.

Using renewable energy in this way could be equivalent to removing more than 62,000 vehicles off the road, DfT said.

The winners of the contest were announced as part of London International Transport Week.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shaps “As a proud island nation built on the power of our oceans, it is right for us to set an example and lead in decarbonizing the sector and building more environmentally friendly.

“The project announced today will showcase the UK’s best innovations, revolutionize existing technologies and infrastructure, reduce emissions, create jobs and bring us one step closer to our decarbonization goals.”

Dhruv Boruah, founder and chief executive officer of Oceanways, which develops submarines, said: .. “

The submarine follows the route, but is 50 meters below the surface.

It enables delivery in shallow water where container ships cannot operate.

Then it jumps under the waves to survive the storms of the open ocean.

Oceanways flagged Belfast Go to Glasgow as a possible route for submarines. The Startup Consortium was given £ 380,000 to develop a submarine for delivering parcels without a captain or crew.

Meanwhile, Britain’s most environmentally friendly cruise terminal will open at Southampton Harbor on Wednesday.

The Horizon Cruise Terminal uses a solar panel roof to charge the ship with clean energy.

Maritime Minister Robert Coates said: “By building a state-of-the-art green infrastructure at the cruise terminal, we can move to cleaner cruising, increase the docking space for these ships, and get them on track to reach net zero by 2050. . “

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Flagged as a possible submarine cargo route from Belfast to Glasgow

Source link Flagged as a possible submarine cargo route from Belfast to Glasgow

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