Flood warning in southern London prior to a thunderstorm

More flood warnings were issued throughout southern London in a thunderstorm expected just eight days later. Previous flood Attacked the capital.

On Tuesday (July 20th), the government’s Flood Information Service issued several amber “alerts” to the southern part of London. Bexley In Kingston prior to the heavy rain that arrived on Tuesday evening.

The warning came after a hot day when we saw heat wave warnings finally give way to flood and lightning warnings throughout southern England when the heavens opened on Tuesday evening.

A total of six flood warnings have been issued in southern London and northern Sally for the Bexley Autonomy. Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham, Croydon, Merton, Lambeth, Sutton, Richmond, Kingston.

The statement of the flood information service related to the warning in southern London is as follows:

“Heavy rains and thunderstorms caused heavy local rainfall in parts of London today on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21, 2021, even more heavy rains may occur. there is.

“There remains uncertainty about the exact timing and where the heaviest rains will occur, but rivers can respond quickly and cross embankments.

“Floods in lowlands, roads and gardens along rivers are still possible. Floods from surface waters can also affect lowlands.

“It is advisable to monitor the weather conditions in the area. Do not walk, cycle or drive in the flood waters …”

As carbon emissions continue to heat the planet Climate crisisMore extensive floods and heavy rains are expected in parts of the world, including the United Kingdom.

According to the Met Office, the UK climate is already getting moist and more extreme weather events are occurring.

“The total maximum rainfall over five days is 4 percent higher in the last decade (2008-2017) compared to 1961-1990.

“Furthermore, when comparing the same period, the amount of rain from extremely rainy days increased by 17 percent,” an official spokesman said earlier.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency, Peter O’Connor, previously told Newsquest South London:

“If you’re asking a question, why are we looking at this more? The answer is that climate change is the main driver.

“We are seeing more and more floods associated with climate change.”

Flood warning in southern London prior to a thunderstorm

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