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Florida’s “gun battle” kills four people, including mother and baby

After a large gun battle with former Marines, four people have died, including a mother who is still holding a baby.

A Florida sheriff said the man was “ready for battle,” and was very aggressive, trying to steal a gun from police on a hospital stretcher after being captured.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Pork County said 33-year-old Brian Riley seemed to be suffering from mental health problems, slowly unraveling for weeks and repeatedly telling her girlfriend that she could communicate directly with God.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of exchanges took place outside Lakeland’s home after a gun battle with police and lawmakers, Judd said. Among them was a 33-year-old mother who had died, including a 3-month-old boy, an infant grandmother, and a 62-year-old mother who lived in the next house.

Riley, a sharp shooter in both Iraq and Afghanistan, seems to have randomly targeted his family, Judd said at a press conference on Sunday.

Preliminary evidence shows that 40-year-old Judge Gleason was an unlucky stranger mowing his lawn when Riley passed by on Saturday night.

According to Judd, a second unidentified victim confronted Riley, telling him that the story wasn’t true and warning him that he would call the police if he didn’t leave. Authorities responded to the scene, but did not find Riley.

About nine hours later, at about 4:30 am, Riley returned home and placed a glow stick to create a way to the house to “ambush” the police officers, Judd said.

Randomly, hearing the sound of a distant lieutenant popping out, he immediately put the agency into active shooter mode and took all state and local law enforcement agencies in the area to the scene.

Following the gunshot, authorities arrived home and found Riley’s white truck burning up and an unarmed Riley in camouflage outside.

Riley quickly ran inside, and authorities heard another shooting, “a woman’s scream and a baby’s whisper,” Judd said.

The policeman tried to get in front of the house, but it was a barricade. As they turned around, they encountered Riley, who wore full-body armor, including head and knee covers and bulletproof vests.

According to sheriffs, authorities fought a fierce shootout before Riley returned home.

Everything was silent until the helicopter unit warned authorities that Riley was coming out, Judd said. He was shot once and ready to surrender.

Meanwhile, police officers heard screams for help in the house, but were uncertain if there were additional shooters and feared that the house would be booby trapped. A brave soldier rushed in and grabbed an 11-year-old girl who had been shot at least seven times.

She told her agent that there were three dead, Judd said, adding that she had been rushed to undergo surgery and was expected to survive.

Congressmen sent robots home to check for explosives and other traps. When it became clear, they found unidentified mothers and babies, Gleason and family dogs all dead in gunshot wounds. The baby’s grandmother was also found dead in the back house. Authorities have not stated whether or how Gleason had a relationship with other people in the home.

“They begged for their lives and I killed them anyway,” Judd said Riley told them during the interrogation, adding that Riley was playing a mind game during an interview with the detective.

Officials did not reveal how many times the victims were shot or where they were in the house, but said they were all flocking in horror.

Officials said Riley’s girlfriend, who he lived with for four years, was supportive and shocked, and that he was never violent, but suffered from PTSD and became increasingly unstable. ..

She said she spent last week on a divine mission to stockpile supplies for Hurricane Aida’s victims, including $ 1,000 worth of cigars.

“Until this morning, this man was a hero of war. He fought for his country in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Judd said. “And this morning he is a cold-blooded murderer.”

Riley, who has no criminal record, also told authorities he was taking methamphetamine. According to officials, his car was stockpiled with gunfighting supplies, including a hemostatic kit.

While being treated at the hospital, Riley jumped up and tried to grab a policeman’s gun. “They had to fight him again in the emergency room,” Grady said, before he was finally tied up and taken medicine.

He is expected to recover and will be transferred to jail for prosecution.

“The big question we all have is’why?’,” Said state lawyer Brian Haas. “We don’t know today or ever.”

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Florida's "gun battle" kills four people, including mother and baby

Source link Florida's "gun battle" kills four people, including mother and baby

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