Flow and balance in chaos, Chandra Spring

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Chandra SS22 – A collection of typical, gender-neutral garments inspired by the connection between the phases of the moon and the flow of Chandra to maintain balance. Like every season, the meaning of the collection is linked to Bab’s inner journey during her design process.

The overall domain of BAV TAILOR continues to enhance the manifesto that supports global craftsmanship, diversity, and “slow” fashion. The collection focuses on an important part of her desired Heidi vision. Essentials shirts, blazers, trousers, anoraks, luxury T-shirts, and asphlo essentials. Clothes made with a purpose, not superfluous.

The material is at the core of Bav’s objective project. As always, it is recovered from certified, innovative, recycled or discarded waste and obtained through a trusted supplier of internationally recognized and certified brands.

For this new season, the concept of dualism continues through gender-neutral silhouettes and materials that reflect a new conscious identity.

Lokya Nadi Luxe T-shirts and trousers are offered in lush biocup pleats inspired by leaves dripping along the skin like a Himalayan stream-a lavishly flowing cotton waste along the contours of the body. Regenerated cellulose fabric derived from.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, branded
Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, branded

The pranamoon anorak and jacket are offered in a more luxurious and supple textured MARM MORE made from an extract of Italian marble. This is the result of a project that protects land and valleys from mountain demolition and promotes the use of by-products. As a raw material. A precious Vielze Green certified cotton and linen blend cultivated in a sustainable production process is incorporated into the new Rokia Chandra culottes and blazer, and the Rokia Chandra shirt is presented in the brand’s signature 3D textured Japanese salt-finished organza silk. The new Shakti Chandra Jump Suit remains Biosilk is known to instantly create calm and concentration while the silk attracts and absorbs electromagnetic energy, providing hypoallergenic and aesthetically pleasing properties. You need to have a fabric because of the benefits of scientific energy that comes from the Indian culture. The brand’s iconic crisp Lokya Cube Shirt is known as Scandinavian silk for its finesse and translucent luster, and is a naturally cultivated organic nettle known as the most breathable natural fiber present due to its moisture-releasing properties. It is juxtaposed with the new Prana Chandra Trousers. Green certified sheer soccer with a fresh blend of silk soft and precious threads and cotton and linen that form part of the new project.

Presented as part of the BAV TAiLOR “Artisanal Lab” platform, which strives to showcase the sophisticated craftsmanship of the world’s craftsmen and promote creative talent, this season was revived by the finest craftsmen in Lebanon. Introducing Damascus block printing technology. Studio Kunukku-A Beirut-based design studio in Lebanon that aims to tell the story of a community of displaced people through lost and endangered crafts. Founded in 2020 by American anthropologist Sarah Hayes, who focuses on migration, heritage and identity. Studio Kunukku aims to use woodblock printing as a medium for social change and change. This collaboration has created a collection of gender-neutral clothing capsules and a travel-sized yoga / pranayama meditation mat that form part of BAV TAiLOR’s Shanti Wellness Sphere.

To enhance its wellness offering, Asflow Peace and Pranayama Accessories form part of two Artisanal Lab collaborations that support both Indian and African artisans, both homeland and Bab’s ancestral roots. Presented in the innovative material SENSITIVE® SCULPT, the Yoga / Asflow Essential Piece is a certified blend obtained through Sensitiv EcoSystem®, boasting excellent breathability and moisture control to the skin, based in London. It is produced 360 ° by the company Kapdaa. A sustainable hub that produces items with a zero waste off-cut policy in DNA. The company’s uniqueness lies in its supply chain circulation, addressing the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and well-documented human welfare such as working conditions, welfare, fair wages and women’s empowerment. Working on the problem.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, branded
Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, branded

Ying | Yang Chandra The candle and incense burner set consists of two hemispheres of carved sandstone, procured by Afrikiko’s heartfelt craftsmen in Tabaka, Kenya, sub-Saharan Africa. This is a fair trade project that supports the lives of communities. He promotes innovative Kenyan deco products and is still a member of WFTO’s Kenyan branch, KEFAT.

A bohemian collection for secular nomads.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, branded

As always, the color palette remains a quest for crystal and earthstone nuances, fused with natural and sophisticated materials. A harmonious and symmetric approach with a calm and balanced mindset. Shades include purity, transparency, moon white for connection, ash gray for energy and strength, hematite gray for concentration, courage and balance, and rose quartz touch for compassion, peace and healing. there is. The BAV TAiLOR collection is a hymn to the beauty of the world and encourages you to show your love for space, mind and body, following the slogan “Respect your body and your sphere”. This philosophy is specifically demonstrated by the use of materials certified for sustainability and quality by suppliers according to the following categories: ISO 9001 / Traceability and Fashion / GOTS / EU Ecolabel / ICEA / Fiducia Nel tessile / CAN / Color System Project / Global Recycling Standards / Oeko-tex / FSC / Wastemark / Sensitiv EcoSystem®


BAV TAiLOR | Conscious Luxury-The Story of Conscious Luxury Products and Artisanal Labs ethically produced by light craftsmen who live responsibly, follow best practice sustainability models, and demonstrate 100% Made in Italy authenticity. Overall Area for Discovering Capsule Collaboration We strive to support artisans around the world famous for their unique local crafts.

Each piece of BAV TAiLOR is a collective fusion of gender-neutral, timeless silhouettes and effortless geometric volumes inspired by design, architecture and oriental philosophy made from wellness-certified natural or recycled materials. is. The brand’s DNA is built around a “360 ° conscious manifesto,” from digital low-waste design processes, innovative materials to ethical and transparent production chains. This project is committed to reducing brand carbon emissions while contributing to society through membership striving to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.Members of Positive Luxury [CSR brand 2020]Company-wide commitment to sustainability, and awarding butterfly marks for common objectives [CO Leader 2022]Through the mantra “Respect your body and respect your sphere”, the brand encourages you to respect your body through the wellness materials that decorate your skin while nurturing the spheres that surround us. ..

Launched in 2015, the brand’s founder and conscious creative, Bav Tailor, is from India and was born in London, India. We procure materials from suppliers that encapsulate sex. , A standard of craftsmanship and respect. Bav Tailor, a member of the British Fashion Council and a designer selected by the Italian Camera Moda Fashion Trust, won the first Taomoda 2020 Eco-Luxury Award during Taormina for the projects “Together for Tomorrow” and “CNMI Designers for the Planet”. bottom. A scouting project promoted by Altaloma and Vogue Italia, nominated for Fashion Week, the “Conscious Designer” Award by the Arab Fashion Association, and the Vogue Italia finalist for “Who Is On Next 2019?”. Each piece is an easy tailor-made fit that allows freedom of movement, functionality, and peace of mind during the evolution of conscious consciousness.

This brand strives not to harm humans or animals in order to create BAV TAiLOR’s work. BAV TAiLOR carefully procures eco-friendly materials certified as premium natural fabrics with a focus on ensuring close relationships with suppliers and distributors. A lab for young creatives to express their artistic talent. ” We hope that their work will be recognized by talent scouts.

Bav Tailor, SS22 Chandra Collection, branded

Each piece of the collection is soulfully categorized into silhouettes of all beliefs and forms.

SHAKTI symbolizes energy and empowerment. A sultrial work that expresses liberation, movement, and sacred femininity. A work inspired by the power of women and the goddess who gives them power. Shakti Chandra jumpsuit.

DVAITA involves the concept of dualism, which is the existence of two separate realities. Each piece in the collection can be worn in at least two different ways. A work inspired to maintain versatility to fit all souls. dvaita Vedanta blazer

SUCI shows a clean and refined line. The fabric aligns crisply with the contours of the skin and purifies the soul. A Sartorial work inspired by Japanese origami techniques. sucinadi trousers

LOKYA bestows freedom. A piece that allows for movement and flexibility. A precious noble fiber that respects ethics and the environment, breathes delicately in the body and mind, and flows freely on the skin without restrictions. lokyachandra culottes

PRANA incorporates 3D elements that symbolize vitality, the flow of energy around the body. Inspired by the transformational reconstruction of Japan, the work creates a tailored contour with exquisite materials that wrap the body.Prana Chandra Kaftan

A project dedicated to existentialists, free-spirited individuals determined by the independent, genuine choices and actions that make up achievements and their inner beings.

Respect your body and your sphere


Flow and balance in chaos, Chandra Spring

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