Food Report: Nankai Kalbi, Korean Table BBQ

KBBQ has been on DD’s “to do list” for years. The idea of ​​cooking a variety of meats and seafood on a tabletop grill has always appealed to me.

Whenever I have suggested in the past, friends and family have said, “Why should I pay to cook for myself?”

The answer to that ignorant question is the freshness of the ingredients and variety of flavors that Galbi on Albert Road offers. south seaare abundantly available.

Culinary Detectives visited Galbi on Albert Road, Southsea in August 2022.

When DD and pals arrived, the cozy sit-down restaurant was filled with the enticing aroma of barbecue and the less glamorous sounds of K-pop. A very polite waiter turned on her grill hot plate and put her cooking paper on top.

There was a wide range of tapas options and a popular set menu. 2 appetizers, 7 BBQ items and all you can eat was £22.95 per person. This seemed like a natural choice. For the full cultural experience, we drank a bottle of Cass, a Korean beer, and Strawberry Soju, a flavored rice wine.

A shared plate of vegetable mandu (grilled dumplings) and kimbap (Korean sushi rolls) arrived promptly.

Culinary Detectives visited Galbi on Albert Road, Southsea in August 2022.

The gyoza had a soft, flavorful filling and a crispy bite on the outside, while the vegetable kimbap seemed freshly made and both were complimented by the soy sauce.

Next came the restaurant’s signature dish, kalbi. This translates as “rib”. In this case, it’s a slice of beef ribs cut off the bone.

They were addictive, and the only criticism DD could garner was that there were only four slices.

Next came the chicken dripping in a sweet, spicy and sour marinade served with cumin marinated lamb.

Culinary detectives visited Galbi on Albert Road, Southsea in August 2022.

Then, my personal favorite, the pork belly slices, understandably unseasoned. Then there’s bulgogi, which translates to ‘fire meat’ – thinly sliced ​​beef marinated in a thick, sweet soy sauce-based sauce.

Once the seafood was served we were all set – we had shrimp with soy sauce and lemon and lightly seasoned squid diamond pieces.

Cooking on the grill felt intimidating at first, but after a while I realized it was just as difficult as flipping bacon.

Our sides or banchan were given kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage), danmuji (pickled yellow cabbage), seaweed and sprouts. We were also provided with rice, lettuce wraps and dips. I was advised to take lettuce wraps and add rice, BBQ items, sides and sauces.

All of the dishes we paired were created for different dining experiences – it’s what you decide which flavor you want.

We were able to ask the staff for unlimited rice, dips and lettuce wraps. After cleaning our plates, we couldn’t even think of dessert.

Garbi provided a memorable experience with excellent food and service.

Food Report: Nankai Kalbi, Korean Table BBQ

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