Food Security, Moldova Focuses on Reuters G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

© Reuters. Foreign Ministers of the G7 countries will walk for dinner on May 12, 2022, during a summit meeting in Weissenhauserstrand, Germany. Foreign Ministers in the photo: Eliza Bestras of the United Kingdom, Jean Yvludrian of France, Melanie Jolly of Canada, Analena Barbock of Germany,

Alexander Rats and John Irish

Weissenhaus (Reuters), Germany-G7 group foreign ministers in rich countries are concerned about food security when meeting in Germany on Friday as the war between Russia and Ukraine could make Moldova even more unstable. Discuss how to mitigate.

The annual meeting, which will be held until Saturday, will bring together top diplomats from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, the United States and the European Union at the Weissenhaus resort in the Baltic Sea.

Negotiations are set to be dominated by Ukraine, and the way in managing the outcome of the conflict can last for months, if not more.

Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Moldova will also be present on Friday, with the most industrialized countries in the west set to reaffirm their support for both countries.

The war in Ukraine has soared global prices for grains, cooking oil, fuels and fertilizers, and UN agencies have warned that soaring prices will exacerbate the food crisis, especially in Africa.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since February interrupted transportation of grains and other commodities in the Black Sea, which is the main route, and curtailed exports from Ukraine and Russia.

“Ukraine’s port of Odesa currently has 25 million tonnes of grain blocked, which means food for the millions of people in the world who are in urgent need, especially in African countries and the Middle East.” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said. Reporter.

“That’s why we’re sending a clear signal today. We’ll meet you, hear your voice, and support you,” she said.

According to diplomatic sources, the goal was for the seven countries to better organize themselves to find quick and efficient answers to the food crisis.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is unsuccessful because he was infected with COVID-19, but the remaining ministers aim to reassure Ukraine’s neighbor Moldova.

Despite struggling to deal with the influx of refugees from neighboring countries, the pro-Russian separatist case in the Transdoniestoria secession area in recent weeks could lead to a cross-border Russian war in Ukraine. It is ringing an international warning that it has sex.

A French diplomatic source told reporters, “The country is weakening because of the war … so we need to confirm support for Moldova.”

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Marsdi, currently chairing the G20, a group of 20 industrialized countries, including Russia, will attend a meeting on Friday to discuss food security.

French officials said the issue of Russia’s existence at the November national summit would be raised.

Food Security, Moldova Focuses on Reuters G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

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