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For UK seaside resorts, a small amount of rejuvenation

Former local artist Michael Trainer, who now lives in Scotland, explained that it was largely due to the combination of location and size. On the Irish coast, he said, the sun can be elusive even in the summer.

“It was the original Victorian Chutzpah that was placed in the chilly part of the northwest coastline. I’m crazy from start to finish.” In addition, many of the homes here are easy to understand and recently built. There are few inspirational details (Edwardian homes around Stanley Park are a notable exception). By the end of August, the average UK home price was $ 387,000.Of blackpool Average selling price It was about $ 170,000 in July 2021.

Trainer, 54, said the Blackpool attractions, including the tower inspired by its landmark Eiffel Tower, delight the mass market spectators, primarily for the working class of the Manchester factory. Said it was built as. As a result, it is much more difficult to attract new creative talent. The costs and risks are much higher.

Still, the trainer who is the former chief Left CoastWe do not downplay the chances of Blackpool, an arts organization in the city. He first came to the city for the committee and helped defend the art scene for several years.And it has received some national attention: the British Art Council Named Priority area for September.

One of Trainer’s most exciting projects Art B & B, 19 rooms rethinking a typical bed and breakfast, each room uniquely devised by the artist.For example, Christopher Samuel What was designed The purpose is to help migrants understand the inconveniences encountered in most hotels as wheelchair users.

The profits of Art B & B were used to reinvest in the local creative scene, and Trainer proudly stated that the hotel’s revenue this summer exceeded all expectations.

“Blackpool has the same problems that every seaside town in the UK has, but Blackpool is by far the most visited, so good and bad, everything that happens there. It will be a centralized version of that. “

For UK seaside resorts, a small amount of rejuvenation

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