Ford to kill focus on shift to EV

The Family Hatchback has been in production for 24 years and has been one of the best-selling models in the UK on a regular basis, but in the last few months. Kuga When Puma SUV.

Ford states that he had to make “tough choices” as part of Ford +’s plan to become a more sustainable business.

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Focus production at Ford’s Saar Lewisite in Germany will end in 2025, but Ford has not disclosed whether the plant will be closed. Instead, he said it was “the beginning of a new process for developing future site use opportunities both inside and outside Ford.”

The announcement will be made at the same time that Ford announced that it will use its plant in Valencia, Spain, to produce vehicles based on the “next generation” electric vehicle architecture.

Blue Oval plans to phase out sales of all combustion engine vehicles in Europe by 2030, investing £ 1.6 billion in the Cologne plant, Volkswagen Group MEB platform..

With the ambitious plans for electrification, it certainly seems that there is no room for focus in the current outfit.

Jim Farley, Ford’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said:

“The European automotive industry is so competitive and prosperous that we cannot compromise on incredible products, enjoyable customer experiences, ultra-slim operations, and talented and motivated teams. “

Ford of Europe boss Stuart Rowley said the brand is still working on its business in Germay. They are aimed at a fully electrified world. “

Ford to kill focus on shift to EV

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