FOREO LUNA 3 Plus Review: Tried Innovative Skin Care Tools

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FOREO LUNA 3 Plus Thermo Cleansing and Toning Device, available for £ 219 Cult beauty, lookfantastic, Feel unique, FOREO, Selfridges, And John Lewis..


FOREO is famous for creating innovative products skin care tool. The latest release of Luna 3, LUNA 3 PlusComes with two innovative features. A cleansing brush made with a thermal and ultra-hygienic silicone touchpoint and a targeted micro-current treatment to tighten and lift the skin. When used in combination with the app, the device offers the opportunity to personalize the routine according to the individual needs of the skin-just select the intensity in the app and it will sync automatically.

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Georgia, Associate Commerce Writer, @georgiatrodd

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My skin is mainly dry Sometimes with a slightly oily nose Blemish / Acne Around the chin and around the mouth.I’m in pain Acne As a teenager, I have skin conditions (white spots), so I take great pride in taking care of my skin both in the morning and at night. routine (More SPF Between).


You’ve definitely heard about FOREO and its genius device (we’ve already tested it) FOREO LUNA fofo And that FOREO UFO 2 And fell head over heels for them), so there’s no doubt that the brand knows about that. skin care.. However, the problem is finding the right tool for your particular skin type and needs. There are probably two or three devices on the skin care shelf. One for cleansing, one for toning or anti-aging, and one for massage. Finding one tool to do everything is like finding a needle in a haystack.

That said FOREO LUNA 3 Plus It feels like a powerful step towards combining skin care and facial treatments.

At first, it looks like a hand-sized silicone facial cleanser. But the brush has a brain. In the middle of the silicone hair, there are eight thermal touch points that help dissolve impurities / makeup while lifting, tightening and tightening the skin, thanks to targeted microcurrent technology. On the back of the bristles are two pins that direct a small electric current directly to the skin with the help of FOREO’s conductive serum (contained).

The brain then comes in the form of an app that you download directly to your phone. After signing up or logging in to the app on your iPhone or Android and creating a profile, connect the FOREO LUNA 3 Plus to your phone via Bluetooth.

At the top of the app’s home screen is a small photo of your LUNA 3 Plus device that you can click to see a list of options. I decided to cleanse my face first. The brush itself is very gentle, but the cleansing procedure is not that simple. The list of options has “Start Cleansing”, but this doesn’t really work. No matter how many times I pressed Start (or whatever), nothing happened to the device, so I ended up switching the device off and then on and manually cleansing my face. This was a bit annoying as I wanted to target each zone of the face as the app suggests.

I want to make sure I’m not ridiculous, so I checked the review section of the app store to see if anyone else had the same problem as me. Indeed, many reviewers were talking about app issues.

Aside from that, the vibrating movement that the tool gives to your face makes you feel like you are really cleaning your skin. Apply a regular cleanser to your moistened face, turn on the device, and gently massage in a circular motion over your face until the built-in timer turns off. Then rinse, tap your face to dry and apply regular moisturizer.

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Then I clicked “Treatment” to download the full facial toning option and started applying conductive serum.

This part of the app seems to be working fine. The video shows where to place the device and how to move the device for best results from the treatment. To be honest, I felt like I was doing a facial at the spa. I feel that the mechanics of the product are really innovative. It’s really cool to see FOREO jumping into that trend in its own way, especially now that you know the benefits of GuaSha and other massage tools. To be honest, I was skeptical when I first used this brush because it’s advertised for normal skin types (I’m not), but most people benefit from using this brush. I think you can get it.

Final verdict:

Hopefully the app issues will be resolved in the near future, FOREO’s LUNA 3 Plus is like a spa in the palm of your hand. Think of this device as a benefit of your savings, as going to an IRL facial can be expensive, time consuming and tricky in terms of making reservations.

The cleansing function was also excellent, and after that the skin became clean and smooth. It would be even better if there was guidance on where to focus.

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FOREO LUNA 3 Plus Review: Tried Innovative Skin Care Tools

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