“Forgetting what we’ve been taught is good for us.” Do kids need to study during the summer?

The eternal parental question is which is more important: to give your child a summer vacation or still try to make regular study part of the vacation? On the one hand, rest is very important, but on the other hand, in three long months there is a risk of forgetting everything that was taught in school. Many parents don’t even try to get their children’s homework help and just provide good specialists who will do it instead, since the parents themselves often don’t have enough time. They load the kids up from the beginning of the summer, forcing them to read books and practice all the time. We are trying to find the perfect recipe together with teachers, guidance counselors and psychologists.

Is it necessary to study during the summer so as not to forget the school program?

In my opinion, forgetting what we were taught is quite useful. It helps to understand what stays with us for a long time and how quickly the knowledge or skill will recover.

At the same time, I think some summer activities are necessary. As adults, we often make plans for the summer that include some kind of self-development. And often, being carried away by rest, we forget about these plans. Summer activities will develop the habit of continuous development and use for this free time, which is so little and about the loss of which we are so sad in adulthood.

If a child has a desire to engage in self-education during the vacation time, he can read additional literature on his favorite subject, watch educational films or play educational games on a related topic.

For example, it is possible to use applications of the Library or address to the teacher, who will definitely be able to recommend a couple of dozens of developing and cognitive resources. For example, the lessons “The economy of their area. Geography of Population”, “Climatic features”, “Countries of the world.

On the Internet you can find interesting applications on all subjects of the school program. It’s enough to enter keywords into the search or use filters to find the necessary topics. There are also various videos: there are excerpts from adaptations of works of fiction, and films about the lives of writers, and animated films. This, too, increases interest in the works of the classics and can be a great excuse for an in-depth study of literature.

If the child himself shows interest in solving problems and exercises during the vacations, I see no point in interfering with him

He’s unlikely to get overworked from a few assignments a week – but it’s sure to keep him in shape. I, for example, solve USE assignments in my free time, and each time it’s a competition with myself to do better or faster than the last time. And schoolchildren have an even stronger athletic spirit.

Of course, it is not necessary to make them sit in class every day, otherwise you will take away all desire to learn. But it is desirable to support such skills as reading or counting. A good option is to read books that your child likes together, or play games with reading and counting.

How can I motivate my high schooler to read books during the vacations?

Each person’s path to a book is different and unique. I think the secret here is to find the very book that starts that journey. For me, such a book was a volume of Salinger, which I accidentally found at the cottage.

For a child to read, the house must have books, and it seems to me that they should be paper, not electronic. Different formats, colors, with yellowed paper or brand new. And, of course, it is important that the parents read, otherwise the child will not believe that reading can bring joy.

Perhaps every parent is faced with having to remind their child to pick up a book. But after all, immersion in the world of literary characters can be very interesting, and there are many ways to stimulate a school child’s interest in reading the summer list.

To begin with, you can choose an interesting place to read – in warm weather it can be a park or a historical place where writers created. A parent can invite the child to create illustrations of the works together in the process of reading, take pictures in the costumes of literary characters, staging some skits on video for social media. A creative highlight for the whole family could be a home production of one of the works on the summer list.

Do future graduates need to start preparing for the exams now?

Preparing for the USE is like preparing an athlete for a competition, for which you need to be at peak form. Each child needs a certain amount of time to reach this peak. If, for example, in 10th grade a child did not study the subject in the proper volume, then a year of preparation may not be enough to show a high result. Preparation for the exams should be very technological: it is important to understand what score you can count on right now, which tasks you can learn to do quickly, which tasks will take more time. I advise prospective graduates to approach 11th grade with an understanding of strategy, maybe even a written weekly preparation plan.

In the summer, every child is sure to find time when they want to read some fiction, look through a textbook on their favorite subject, study guide for the USE, or solve typical exam assignments. I emphasize – to your favorite subject.

Everything begins with love. And preparation for the exams also begins with love.

It is very important to choose your future profession, to decide in advance on the universities, in one of which you are ready to study with pleasure, and respectively, to start preparing for exams in specific subjects in advance.

And if you do what you love, the summer will not be an obstacle to prepare for the exams. What you like attracts you. I am sure that in the modern world you can and should always and everywhere study. It is a continuous, uninterrupted, unstoppable process.

How to prepare correctly for the beginning of the academic year?

Already at the beginning of the school year the first Olympiads for school children start. In the summer, children who have never participated in them have a chance to understand if they are interested in such competitions or not. For this purpose, it is possible to open tasks of the previous years – by the way, excellent selections are laid out on a site – and solve problems at your pleasure, to look, what they basically can be.

And for those who are already on the Olympiad way and have achieved success at various stages, summer is an opportunity to do what you like, not being distracted by other subjects and homework, to master new methods, to learn something. But it is not necessary to forget about rest: round-the-clock studies lead to burnout and deterioration of results. So everything should be in moderation: you studied, you took a walk and had a rest.

At school, the child not only learns: he or she interacts with peers, makes the first steps in the profession, learns to comply with generally accepted rules, to adequately express his or her feelings. Therefore, in order to properly prepare for the beginning of the school year, it is useful to pay attention to the improvement of “everyday” intelligence in the summer. It allows you to quickly and efficiently solve problems that we meet in everyday life, if necessary, to find a million ways to achieve the desired result so that the wolves were fed and the sheep intact. “Domestic” intelligence is a reserve of life strength, the presence of which makes it possible in school life to respond adequately to a variety of challenges.

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