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Former British lawmaker sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexual assault

Former British lawmaker sex teens, one of several cases of sexual assault involving parliamentarians who rekindled calls for change in Westminster’s historically male-dominated halls He was sentenced to 18 months in prison from Monday for assault.

Former Conservative lawmaker Imran Ahmad Khan tried to get a 15-year-old boy to drink alcohol before he was sexually assaulted at home in 2008 when he was 34, according to prosecutors. I was found guilty of sin.

The teenager immediately told his parents about the assault and was notified by police, but the prosecutor said the teenager decided not to continue the case.

A few years later, when the accuser learned that Khan was elected to parliament in 2019, he said he decided to pursue the complaint, fearing that he was not suitable for public office. The prosecutor said.

“Because of the feeling of embarrassment, as in the case of many victims of sexual assault, the victims were unable to disclose all the details of what happened first,” said the Prosecutor’s Office’s Special Crimes Division. Rosemary Ainsley, who is in charge of theof statement last month.

“In a subsequent interview with the police, he was able to tell the investigator more about what had happened,” Ainsley added.

Mr. Khan Rejected Claims to call them “shocking, unstable and traumatic.” He resigned after being convicted and planning an appeal, but due to the length of his upcoming legal proceedings, he said, “IntolerableBecause his members do not have a say in Congress.

Mr. Khan’s case was one of several recent cases that emphasized sexual misconduct among parliamentarians and what is considered a long-standing problem of misogyny.

Conservative MP Neil Parish, Resigned within a month after admitting to watching pornography Twice while sitting between colleagues on the green leather bench of the House of Commons.

last month, Reported The Sunday Times Allegations of sexual misconduct against about 56 members, including three ministers and two shadow cabinet ministers, have been introduced to independent observers since its inception in 2018.

The institution’s independent complaint and grievance scheme was later created. 2018 Congress Report Nearly one in five people working in Congress were found to have been sexually harassed or witnessed sexually inappropriate behavior the previous year.

Such reports urged a new call to elect more women into public office and bring about broader cultural change to the organization, as some have compared it to an unruly youth club. I did.

Women made up 35% of members Elected to the House of Commons — compared to 28 percent of the US House of Representatives — According to a recent report from the agency, it is the highest ever.However, before the final general election in 2019, some members of parliament said they had decided not to seek reelection. For abuse and intimidation..

Megan Specia Report that contributed.

Former British lawmaker sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexual assault

Source link Former British lawmaker sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexual assault

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