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Former NFL star Demaryius Thomas dies at age 33, just six months after retirement

Former Georgia Institute of Technology and Denver Broncos NFL Star Demarius Thomas died at the age of 33.

Jeff Clayton, Thomas’s position coach at West Lawrence High School, confirmed that a former player had died in Fox 5 Atlanta on Thursday night.

“I just sent an email to Jeff Clayton, position coach for Demarius Thomas while at West Lawrence High School. He says the rumors are true.

“Former Georgia Institute of Technology and Broncos receivers died at the age of 33,” Fox’s Myles Garrett tweeted.

Police say the 33-year-old death was due to a medical problem, but no further clarification has been made.

Broncos selected Thomas No22 in the 2010 Draft from Georgia Institute of Technology

Thomas played for the NFL for 10 seasons, centered on Denver Broncos, which was drafted by the Colorado side in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

So he made the Pro Bowl five times in a row and won the Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers in 2015.

He also briefly played for the Houston Texans, New England Patriots, and New York Jets.

Atlanta, Georgia-January 8: Demarius Thomas attends the Legacy Center Grand Opening on January 8, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia (Photo courtesy of Prince Williams / Wireimage)
Demarius Thomas was a devout Christian and often posted online about his beliefs.

Thomas announced his retirement from sports last June and said on social media: Denver Bronco. … I’m done and it worked. “

NFL players paid tribute to the star after the news of his death was filtered. Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho tweeted, “I don’t even know how to feel it. #RIP Demarius Thomas.”

Brandon Marshall writes, “A forever beloved companion.”

Denver Broncos was celebrating the Super Bowl victory at a parade on the streets of Denver on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. At Union Station # 88, Demarius Thomas on the right has a bottle of champagne when riding with # 10 Emmanuel Sanders on the left. ..
Thomas is second in Broncos in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.

Broncos teammate Joel Driesen tweeted: With tears … I love you, DT!

Tyler Polombus, Share: “Just absolutely sick. Shivering. Nausea. Not real. I love you 88. One of the absolutely kind, real, humble and generous superstars.”

Former NFL star Demaryius Thomas dies at age 33, just six months after retirement

Source link Former NFL star Demaryius Thomas dies at age 33, just six months after retirement

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