Former supermarket boss Sir Sainsbury of Preston Candobar dies at age 94

The former chairman, one of Britain’s largest supermarket chains, died at the age of 94.

main John Sainsbury of Preston Candobar was President of Sainsbury and was also a member of the Conservative Party in the House of Lords.

The current chairman and chief executive officer of the supermarket announced the death of the Baron on Friday night, stating that he had an “amazing life.”

Martin Sikruna said: life Sir Sainsbury, President of Preston Candobar. He was 94 years old and had an amazing life.

Queen Elizabeth II talks to Sir Sainsbury and his wife outside a replica of the original Sainsbury’s store in Covent Garden, London (Domini Kripinsky / PA Archive)

(PA archive)

“During his 40-year career at the company, Sir Sainsbury led the business through a period of great change and had a major impact on British retail in the 20th century.”

Sir Sainsbury began his family-owned work in 1950, first working in the grocery sector, becoming a board member in 1958, and vice chairman in 1967. He took over the role from his father. He was then appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 1969 and maintained his position until his retirement in 1992.

In a statement, Scicluna said: London At that time, the stock exchange was the largest initial public offering in the UK.

“He became a knight from Her Majesty to serve the food retail industry in 1980, became a Life Peer in 1989, and was appointed to one of only 24 Orders of the Garter in 1992.

“In recent years, he has hosted a visit to Her Majesty to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our business. He will be greatly missed by the Board of Directors and all of Sainsbury’s friends and colleagues.

“We would like to express our condolences to Sir Sainsbury’s wife, Mrs. Sainsbury, and the rest of the Sainsbury family.”

Sir Sainsbury was the shopkeeper “at the heart of him and one of the great retailers of his time,” Sikruna added.

“He was ambitious about the company and led Sainsbury’s to an unprecedented period of growth. He was a truly inspiring man,” said Scicluna.

“He will miss many, but his great contribution to Sainsbury’s and the values ​​he cares about and believes in remain at the heart of our business.”

Former supermarket boss Sir Sainsbury of Preston Candobar dies at age 94

Source link Former supermarket boss Sir Sainsbury of Preston Candobar dies at age 94

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