Four-in-bed: What is a becket, where is it, what foods are on the menu, how to book, etc.

Becketts will be appearing on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed this week. The photo is: (Rear lr) Jack Sensherry-Evans, Head Chef, Ben Taylor-Smith, Junior Sous Chef, Charlie Akehurst, Chef de Partie, (Front lr) Keeran Brenkinsop , Assistant Manager, Solaya Parker, Owner, Terence Carvalho, General Manager, Outside the venue.

Restaurant starring in this week’s article Channel 44 in bed.

4 in a bed is a reality television show where B & B owners take turns using it to welcome each other into business for an overnight stay.

During their stay, owners rate each other for cleanliness, hosting ability, sleep quality and breakfast.

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Southsea Restaurant Becketts Appears on Channel 4 Show Four In A Bed

At the end of each stay, guests pay based on what they consider to be worth the stay.

Anyone who has the most money at the end of the weekly contest will be chosen as the winner.

Here’s everything you need to know Beckett Before appearing in Four in a Bed:

What is a becket?

Becketts is a unique venue in two Grade II Listed Buildings, a 200-year-old townhouse.

The owner of Becketts is an award-winning developer who took over the business about two years ago.

Becketts itself is a restaurant, bar, B & B and recently won the “Best Boutique Hotel” in Portsmouth.

Where is the becket?

Becketts can be found on the Bellevue Terrace in South Sea, Portsmouth..

Just steps from South Sea Beach and Clarence Pier, enjoy a peaceful stay for those looking for a beach vacation.

Becketts is also a short walk from Portsmouth city centre.

What’s on their menu?

Becketts offers an evening sample menu served from Tuesday to Saturday at 5:30 pm.

This sample menu includes main menus such as sage gnocchi, chickpeas, herb hash, and salted duck breast.

The grill menu includes options such as steak, lemon, thyme half chicken, and burgers.

They also have special market fish of the day locally procured from Bibie Old Portsmouth..

Beckett offers several vegan menu items for those looking for something plant-based.

Their desserts range from delicious chocolate torte to local cheese plates to homemade ice cream.

What is the layout of Becketts?

The venue has 6 boutique bedrooms, 2 private dining rooms, 2 bars, a pioneering kitchen and several dining areas.

The decoration includes four floors with a handmade wooden design that combines traditional and contemporary styles throughout the facility.

How to reserve a becket

If you want to visit Becketts, you can book their overnight stay online Reservation system Or if you want to stop by to eat something Visit their website Reserve.

Call 02392865000 for best rates and table availability.

How do I see Pho in bed?

From Monday to Friday, you can watch Pho in your Channel 4 bed.

The one-hour episode airs every night at 5 pm.

You can also catch up with the episodes of 4 beds All 4.

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Four-in-bed: What is a becket, where is it, what foods are on the menu, how to book, etc.

Source link Four-in-bed: What is a becket, where is it, what foods are on the menu, how to book, etc.

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