French fisherman blocking harbor in protest of British fishing license

French fishermen block three French ports on Friday to protest the failure to license some vessels after Britain’s departure from the EU, allowing cargo trucks to pass through the Channel Tunnel. I will prevent it.

Gerard Lomiti, chairman of the French Fisheries Commission, described the action as a “warning shot.”

“Our mobilization tomorrow is a demonstration of our ability to mobilize in the face of the provocative, arrogant and derogatory attitude of the British government,” he said Thursday.

He added that the fishermen weren’t asking for a handout, but just wanted to regain their license. They use vans to block the port of San Malo from 8 am to 9 am, the port of Wistram at 2 pm, the highway to the Channel Tunnel, and the cargo entrance of Curry from noon to 1:30 pm It is intended for goods transportation. ..

The European Commission on Wednesday warned Britain of delays in resolving the permit dispute and gave it a December 10 deadline to reach an agreement with fishermen.

Olivier Lepretre, head of the Fisheries Commission at the Port of Boulogne, dismissed the Commission’s warning as too weak and claimed that France was forced to step up its actions.

He said that if nothing changed, Boulogne, France’s largest fishing port and Europe’s largest fish processing, distribution and trade center, would be “in the right place” to block the import and export of seafood. I warned.

The UK claimed that it was “very generous” in granting fishing permits to French vessels, and French fishermen who were still waiting for or denied the permit were in the waters of the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. He said he did not provide evidence of previous fishing.

French officials have previously accused the British government of deliberately targeting France because it did not grant some vessels the licenses it was entitled to under the Brexit agreement.

The blockage that comes after months of controversy between Paris and London over licensing could increase tensions between the two governments. Cross-channel immigration crisis..

According to the French Ministry of Fisheries, French vessels have obtained “more than 960 licenses” to fish around the British waters and the Channel Islands, but more than 150 were still excellent.

The pending license is primarily intended for small vessels operating in the waters around Jersey and Guernsey, 6-12 nautical miles from the British coast.

A spokesman for Downing Street said the British government was “disappointed by the threat of protests.”

They added: “French people will have a problem making sure they are free of illegal activity and have no impact on trade. We continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Additional report by Laura Hughes in London

French fisherman blocking harbor in protest of British fishing license

Source link French fisherman blocking harbor in protest of British fishing license

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