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“Friday Wine Time”: 10 Downing Street Blockade Rule Revealed

Another day, another claim about the aversion to violating the rules of the fuss in Downing Street.

Miller reported On Friday, a regular “Wine Time Friday” rally was held at No10, while strict blockade regulations were in place. The newspaper even has a picture of the refrigerator I bought for wine.

According to the newspaper, the weekly event is a “long-standing tradition of Downing Street,” including under the previous administration, but continued after the introduction of Covid restrictions that banned indoor mixing between homes.

According to the newspaper, staff invested a £ 142 drink refrigerator to keep bottles of alcohol chilled, and the Prime Minister knew about socializing.

The 10th spokeswoman said:

“The survey results will be published soon.”

After Downing Street apologized to Buckingham Palace, the party was held at number 10 the day before the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh last year. Celebration in Downing Street “Wine suitcase”..

Two rallies were reportedly held in Downing Street, and former Prime Minister Communications Director James Slack apologized for one of the events, “anger and wounds.”

A spokesman for the Prime Minister confirmed that No. 10 said he was sorry for the palace.

A spokesman said:

“I’ve heard from the Prime Minister this week that he recognizes that No. 10 should be kept at the highest standards and is responsible for what we did not do right.”

It is understood that the apology was made over the phone via the official channel.

The day after the event on April 16, 2021, the Queen wore a face mask to her husband Philip’s funeral and attended at Windsor Castle at a social distance from her family, subject to Covid’s restrictions.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said Boris Johnson was in his country’s residence checker on April 16 and was not invited to the event.

Following a party revelation on the eve of Philip’s funeral, Labor leader Keir Starmer said Johnson should also offer the Queen to resign.

He states: “The Conservatives have disappointed Britain. Apologies are not the only thing the Prime Minister should offer to the palace today.

“Boris Johnson should do something decent and resign.”

Liberal Democratic Party leader Ed Davey said Tory leaders should “personally apologize to the Queen” and “he should also take the opportunity to officially submit his resignation. There is. “

However, Prime Minister Michael Gove denied that the prime minister should offer to resign.

Level-up said during his visit to Manchester that ITV news was “true” and that government changes were likely to be needed after Gray’s report was released, but Johnson resigned as part of the shake-up. I rejected the suggestion that it should be.

It was after Slack, who was Johnson’s communications director until last year, apologized for the “anger and wounds” caused by his departure on Friday morning.

Slack, who is now Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Sun, is understood to have been informed of his resignation on Thursday following a media investigation, but said he was “full responsibility” and “deeply sorry.” ..

His party was one of two reported to have taken place that night, starting separately and later merging.

The Daily Telegraph reported reports from witnesses who said alcohol was drunk and guests danced to music with someone sent to a local store with a suitcase to buy wine. ..

A spokesperson for Downing Street said of the Slack event: People working from home. “

Meanwhile, the former Secretary of the Government’s Covid Task Force apologized for gathering in the Cabinet Office for her leaving drinks during the pre-Christmas 2020 coronavirus restriction period.

Kate Josephs, CEO of Sheffield City Council, said she was cooperating with Gray’s investigation, adding that “Sheffield suffered a great deal of damage during this pandemic. I feel free to apologize.” I did.

This brings the total number of alleged parties or rallies throughout Whitehall during the time limit to 15.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister apologized for attending the “Bring Yourself” party at Downing Street Garden during the first coronavirus blockade in May 2020, which was a work event and “Technology.” “To” is a rule.

Government members urged Johnson critics to wait for Gray’s findings before passing the ruling, after Tory lawmakers began publicly seeking resignation.

The Times did not expect to find evidence of the crime in the investigation, but the investigation reported that it could blame Johnson for his lack of judgment and criticize the culture of Downing Street.

The Metropolitan Police Department said it would not change its position to investigate Downing Street parties in the new allegations that more rallies were taking place.

“Friday Wine Time”: 10 Downing Street Blockade Rule Revealed

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