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Frustration over the lack of progress in the Carrif Greenway program

Residents of Caridaf have complained about the lack of progress on Greenway’s plans. South Belfast..

For over six years, the townsfolk have campaigned to develop a greenway from the Ruff Moss Leisure Center to Cairns Hill Park and Ride.

A project developed in collaboration with the Carrif Regeneration Forum, and Lisburn The Castleley Council said there was a “very positive” public consultation in 2016 and “enthusiastic about checking the progress of the project.”

But since then, the forums feel that the Greenway has been “deferred” because the Greenway appears to have made little progress.

Mark Hanbay of the Carryf Regeneration Forum said:

“We have explored the land that the route may take, and everyone agrees that there is a natural path.

“The Greenway has established a great connection for locals attending local schools, making it safer for more people to walk and bike there, and more people to park and ride. Encourage you to use and unload more cars from the busy St. Field Road.

“In addition, there are significant benefits to people’s mental health, allowing them to walk or bike in a safe place.

“We worked with healthcare parks and other stakeholders and everyone agreed that Greenway would check all the boxes. After that, we had a public consultation at Lough Moss and many positives. I received feedback.

“Department for infrastructure We have also submitted funding to the council to help develop the Greenway plan in 2017, but no further action seems to have been taken at this time.

“This really influenced the confidence and momentum of what we are trying to achieve in their area, because when we feel we are making progress, everything is quiet to us. Because it looked like it was. “

Mark feels that the major projects assigned to the Caridaf area are “prone to be forgotten” by the council, and despite being a very large residential area, they have received little investment for rehabilitation. It states that there is.

He states: “Looking at some of the other projects in the Lisburn Castleley area, if this is a Greenway plan elsewhere, I think things are already going well.

“Caridaf has long been regarded as a place for people to pass through. In fact, Caridaf is a huge residential area where thousands of families do not live in search of new facilities to help with investment and the community.

“This is a very close community centered around our school and a very popular and active sports team, and investments to strengthen areas like the Greenway add it and even more. Just gather people. “

This week, a motion by SDLP Castle Ray South Councilor John Garen was passed by the Lisburn and Castle Ray Council Leisure and Community Development Committee, supported by Alliance Councilor Michel Guy. ..

Councilor Garen said:

“The feasibility report was submitted to the council a few years ago, but the one-meter route has not been realized.

“I understand that the ongoing pandemic puts more urgent pressure on council officials, but this move provides new impetus and advances in the time and money flow needed. Hope you can find out what to do.

“Once the Greenway is built, we can run with Let’s Go Hydro Resort to achieve many goals, including sustainable transportation, health / welfare, open space strategies, tourism and much more.”

A spokesperson for the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council said: We are currently working with the Infrastructure Department to plan various elements of the proposed Greenway. The land that the potential route takes is owned by various landowners, so you can see that this project will take some time to implement. “

Frustration over the lack of progress in the Carrif Greenway program

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