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Fuel retailers will “unreliable” if they refuse to cut prices.

Auto service companies claim that if fuel retailers refuse to cut prices this week, they will “lose confidence.”

According to RAC, gasoline is too expensive at about 12p per liter as the price of oil has dropped.

The company added that the price of diesel is too high, about 10p per liter.

It argued after oil prices fell about US $ 10 per barrel on Friday in response to concerns about variants of the Omicron coronavirus.

This has lowered wholesale fuel prices, but the changes are not reflected in the pumps.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams estimated that every liter of fuel sold by retailers was making a “shocking” 19p profit. This is more than three times the 6p before the pandemic.

Unleaded gasoline pump price (per liter)

He said fuel companies may be “outraged” at being told that their fuels are too expensive, but that doesn’t change the fact that they should cut prices.

Williams said:

“We believe this deserves government scrutiny, as there is no public agency to monitor whether fuel prices are fair if significant price cuts are not realized.

“Due to record high fuel prices, drivers are in desperate need of pump rest, and it is now impossible to blame prices for rising oil costs.

“The public is embracing rising energy prices, and retailers seem to think they can escape by paying an extra fee for fuel.”

Prices have continued to rise since last month, surpassing the record high set in April 2012.

The average cost of a liter of gasoline and diesel in the UK vestibule is 147.64p and 150.85p, respectively.

Filling a typical 55 liter family car with gasoline or diesel is about £ 19 higher than it was 12 months ago.

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Fuel retailers will "unreliable" if they refuse to cut prices.

Source link Fuel retailers will "unreliable" if they refuse to cut prices.

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