Future “moon wobble” will cause catastrophic floods, NASA says

Hurricane Irma has seen winds over 100 mph and devastating storm surges hit Miami, Florida. (Credit: Getty Images)

Coastal cities in the United States will be hit by a surge in tide floods in 10 years due to increased lunar movements.

The moon controls the height of the earth’s tides by gravity on a monthly basis.

However, NASA’s Sea Level Change Science team has calculated that the lunar cycle in the mid-2030s will amplify sea level rise. Level from climate change, Causes coastal communities to be exposed to enormous pressure from rising water.

“Global sea level rise will be functioning for another decade. The high seas amplified by the lunar cycle will spike flood numbers on almost every coastline in the US mainland, Hawaii and Guam.” NASA’s news release said.

Nasa scientists have calculated that the middle of the next decade will produce a complete storm of flood danger, taking into account all possible causes of floods in both oceans and astronomy.

Floods at high tide are not as catastrophic as the storm surges that hit New Orleans in 2004, but due to their consistent nature, they can be just as devastating.

“It’s the effects that have accumulated over time that affect us,” said Phil Thompson of NASA, an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii’s School of Marine Science and Technology.

“If floods occur 10 to 15 times a month, businesses will not be able to keep their parking lots underwater. People will lose their jobs because they can’t get a job. The penetration of sespool is public health. It becomes the above problem.

According to a NASA survey published in Nature Climate Change, some cities in the United States will be flooded once or twice daily by the 2030s, with some floods in clusters that can last for more than a month. It is expected to occur.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has already reported more than 600 storm surge floods in 2019.

It is well known that the moon has a lunar cycle as it orbits the earth, but it is not well known that it has a rotation angle of 18.6 years.

According to Nasa (Getty), increased lunar movement in the 2030s will cause a surge in tide floods.

Currently, half of the rotation is amplified, so the high tide is high and the low tide is low.

However, sea levels outside most US cities are low enough that high tides are not an issue.

But if climate change causes sea level rise, the lunar amplification stage can cause problems – perhaps in the mid-2030s.

The amplification phase of the moon’s rotation involves centuries-known “wobble,” which can dramatically increase the height of the Earth’s oceans over a period of time.

It remains to be seen if climate change, combined with this “wobble”, will have dire consequences.

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Future "moon wobble" will cause catastrophic floods, NASA says

Source link Future "moon wobble" will cause catastrophic floods, NASA says

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