Ganni no longer has leather

Danish fashion label Ganni plans to phase out leather by 2023 and gradually remove it altogether. This is despite the fact that lambskin pieces are one of Ganni’s most expensive and profitable categories. But “selling leather goods, while profitable, will be as outdated as smoking on TV,” Ganni founder Nicolaj Reffstrup pinpoints this decision.

To achieve this goal, the Copenhagen-based brand has partnered with Italian manufacturer Vegea to make Veguea from grapes instead of traditional leather as part of the Spring / Summer 2022 collection8 We offer foot shoes.

“By 2023, leather will be completely phased out, inconsistent with efforts to minimize the effects of high levels of methane emissions from livestock. Plant-based alternatives made from agricultural waste. The introduction of the product Vegea is the first step towards a more responsible collection, “Reffstrup explained in a press release.

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Ganni had previously struggled to find an alternative to traditional leather due to quality concerns and the high levels of plastic contained in the available materials. After rigorous testing, Vegea meets the brand’s high durability and design standards, while the amount of plastic is relatively low compared to market standards.

Vegea is an innovative material made from grape skins left over from winemaking, vegetable oils and agricultural natural fibers. The remaining material helps prevent waste from being landfilled. In addition, the REACH compliant manufacturing process is free of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, or other dangerous solvents. Vegia has a high proportion of plant-based content, 55% composed of biocompounds (vegetable oil and grapes) and 45% composed of aqueous polyurethane (PU).

Starting Spring / Summer 2022, Ganni has promised to end the use of animal leather in all ready-made garments, the brand’s previous profitable category. Ganni is also working on the phasing out of traditional leather for accessories and shoes, and plans to stop using animal leather altogether by 2023.

Eight styles made with Vegea will be available at and some retail stores from early 2022. The brand has not yet disclosed the price.

Ganni no longer has leather

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