GardX Announces Results of “Reset, Refuel, Rebrand” Digital Strategy at AM Live

GardX is ready to rebrand and restart the AD-Vantage series of digital consumer journey tools as Fuel Digital, making the new AI lead management platform available to customers.

Formerly known only as a warranty and asset protection specialist, GardX spent five years on a journey to develop online marketing, customer data, and lead management capabilities and is now Car management live..

The culmination of the new strategy will be presented at the Automotive Retail Expo event at NEC on November 11th in Birmingham.

Nick Brunton joined the new Fuel Digital division as Carwow’s sales manager and headed the account director team.

Brunton told AM:

“GardX is well known as a market leader and innovator, but we need to raise awareness of any customer journey solution we can offer to retailers and OEMs. There is no better way to do this than face-to-face demonstrations. ..

“This is a very broad suite of solutions, and the range of our products may surprise some.”

Billy Coutin, director of GardX, said:

“The challenge now is to ensure that car dealers know that GardX is at the heart of traditional related products, but offers more.

“Fuel Digital embodies that and gives us the opportunity to change our brand and reset our expectations.”

AM live logoExpected to be on display at the next AM Live, Fuel Digital will be in the process of buying a car online, from the initial research and inquiries of consumers to the customer buying a car and staying in business through the ownership phase. It covers two important steps. When they buy the next car.

This is based on GardX AD-Vantage’s success with both SpinCar 360 and B2See video.

Fuel Digital was launched at the same time as the introduction of the all-new Sales AI digital solution.

SpinCar became a reseller of the Georgia-developed Sales AI platform after US dealers discovered that only 11% of digital lead inquiries led to sales and later confirmed that they had acquired the business.

Conversational AI technology responds to inquiries from overtime customers who claim that Fuel Digital accounts for 45% of sales leads, allowing retailers’ sales teams to focus 100% on vehicle sales.

According to Fuel Digital, Sales AI typically increased the conversion of dealers to sales rates in the US by 30% and increased their appointments by 23%.

“SpinCar has been our technology partner since 2015 and its AI technology takes lead management to the next level,” said Coutin.

“Because consumers spend more time online research before buying a vehicle, retailers’ sales teams have the knowledge, systems, and processes to effectively manage these leads. It is important to be there.

“It’s cool statistics that 89% of online inquiries aren’t converted to sales.

“Sales AI plays an integral role in helping retailers’ sales teams first convert digital leads into appointments: face-to-face, digital, and / or roadtesting, and then It will be the actual sales. “

GardX Announces Results of “Reset, Refuel, Rebrand” Digital Strategy at AM Live

Source link GardX Announces Results of “Reset, Refuel, Rebrand” Digital Strategy at AM Live

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