Gender Lens Equity Fund assets will reach $ 2.67 billion in 2020 as technology exposures help performance

48% of female owners of Gender Lens Equity Fund

Gender Lens Equity Fund Assets Under Management (AUM) increased 40% to $ 2.67 billion in 2020, with the new fund launched that year at $ 106 million and the technology sector, according to a new study. It was boosted by the performance of.

inside that Gender lenses to invest in 2021 Parallelelle Finance reportedly attributed the double-digit profits recorded by most listed gender lens equity funds last year to the allocation of information technology, a sector that “significantly outperformed” that year. I am.

The report revealed that “there is no clear winner on gender equality” for the sector, but information technology and financial services with a “well-studied gap in gender equality” will be funded in 2020. It was one of the top sector weights.

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Only 3% of technology CEOs are women, 20% of CFOs and 16% of senior executives, compared to only 24% of directors of the board of directors of major financial companies and 12% of CFOs of major financial services companies. Is occupied by women.

“Directing capital to companies and sectors that characterize women in low-wage roles is one way the Gender Lens Fund can help drive a women-centric recovery,” said Parallelle Finance.

The company found that Microsoft has the top holdings in 11 gender lens equity funds, followed by 6 visas and 5 Estee Lauder.

Identifying 12 global and 16 regional equity funds available to individual investors, the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund was the largest of these with an AUM of $ 748 million.

The fund was 13.7%, the second highest absolute return in 12 months in the global equity segment, behind the AXA World Funds Framlington Women Empowerment Fund, which recorded the strongest absolute performance of 18.4% in 12 months. ..

In US equities, the Impact Shares YWCA Women’s Empowerment ETF, which has a 34.9% allotment to technology equities, reported a 34.1% rise, the highest in its asset class.

Among the three funds launched in 2020 are the Desjardins SocieTerra Diversity fund, which ended the year at AUM for $ 85.7 million in March 2020, and the year ended at $ 20 million announced in December. There was Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF. Only one fund was closed during the period.

Parallel Finance found that as an asset class, the Gender Lens Equity Fund Group has a much higher percentage of female portfolio managers, with 48% being female managers. By comparison, according to Morningstar data, women make up 14% of global fund managers and 11% in the United States.

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Parallelle Finance said public sector gender lens investment “seems to be on an expanding track” and that the gender lens equity and fixed income sector AUM is “positioned for growth in 2021”. It was.

He added that the planned launch this year ranges from a $ 2.9 billion institutional equity portfolio to emerging market fixed income funds that invest in gender equality in least developed countries.

However, the report also highlights the impact of Covid-19 on women in the global economy, the most “clear illustration” of this being global, consisting primarily of $ 10.8 trillion in unpaid work performed by women. She said she was in a good care economy.

Schools and other educational facilities were closed during the pandemic, increasing unpaid care that kept many women out of the workforce.

Gender Lens Equity Fund assets will reach $ 2.67 billion in 2020 as technology exposures help performance

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