Get the Covid Vaccine Now and Boost London


ealth chief has filed a new complaint London citizens To be fully vaccinated “without delay” COVID-19Protect yourself and the city in the event of a case, including booster jabs.

Speaking of standard London area directed by Professor Kevin Fenton of Public Health in the Office for Health Improvement and Disparity has now urged people in all districts to “strengthen actions to prevent the capture and spread of Covid.”

Approximately 1.5 million adult Londoners have not yet taken two doses and intake rates are much lower Children, He emphasized: “I urge Londoners to be fully vaccinated without delay and get the most important booster jabs when offered.”

Professor Fenton warned that the capital “has reached another turning point in the progress of the virus in the city.”

He complained: “Return to wearing face covers in closed, crowded areas, especially on tubes and baths, wash your hands and test regularly, and remember to stay home if you’re feeling sick and have good ventilation. Please. It’s really helpful. “He said:

New promotional campaigns have been launched on 25 major sites in the city, including Piccadilly Circus and both Westfields, urging people to get booster jabs and the flu. vaccination..

“During London, people are willing to get life-saving jabs,” said Health Minister Sajid Javid, but he warned. ..

Professor Anthony Hahnden, vice chairman of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization, said he would consider changing the booster waiting period from six months to five months.

“But I don’t think it’s a major issue at this point,” he told Times Radio. “”[That] It’s about trying to get vulnerable older people who will benefit from boosters, especially when the infection rate is high, they are likely to be hospitalized, and they have a serious impact from weakened immunity … Need to boost. ”

Vaccines can do “hard work” to protect people, but “can’t do everything.” “We need to wear masks in crowded areas and we should all remain wise,” he added.

Get the Covid Vaccine Now and Boost London

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