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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Judgment Date Set by Judge

Ghislaine Max. Set to Maxwell.

Judge Alison J. Nathan of the U.S. District Court resolves the defense’s claim that the jury should be ordered a new trial after the jury’s official approval, following the judgment that the jury has been sexually abused. Despite waiting for the announcement, June 28th.

A jury who has never been fully publicly identified told the media last week, telling other juries that they had been sexually abused as children during the week’s deliberations, and taking advantage of what they learned about the subject. Persuaded others to convict Maxwell.

Attorneys say revelation justifies a new trial. The jury is hiring a lawyer. And Judge Nathan said she would control what would happen as a result of revelation in the future.

Maxwell, 60, was convicted after a month-long trial alleged by the prosecutor to recruit and care for a teenage girl to sexually abuse Epstein from 1994 to 2004. received. Housing including Manhattan mansions and large real estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Epstein, 66, died in the Federal Prison of Manhattan in August 2019 after awaiting a trial on suspicion of sexual trafficking.

Maxwell’s lawyer alleged in court that she had been scapegoated by a federal prosecutor after his death.

Prosecutors say they will withdraw perjury against Maxwell if Maxwell is sentenced on time.

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Ghislaine Maxwell's Sex Trafficking Judgment Date Set by Judge

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