GLAMOR’s June cover star Ruby Rose is coming out and how OITNB changed her life

Ruby Rose is one of the glamor June 5th Digital cover star – Confront our pride problem.From her new movie Vanquish In her breakout role Orange is new black She has always promised to be her true self, both on-screen and off-screen.Here, of GLAMOUR Social Media Director Chloe Laws Talk to Ruby Queer Identity, what she tells her young self, and how beauty Affect her presentation.

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Ruby Rose and I connect via zoom on a sunny Tuesday. She came from an effortlessly chic LA apartment (you can drool with her cover shoot) and I’m from London.She accuses her of being ready to shoot her pride Cover – Here at GLAMOR, I feel the concept is even more important during Pride Month because I want to pass on creative control and allow people to express the way they want to express themselves.

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The soft Australian accent of the ruby ​​is warm and I am immediately relieved. As a woman in the queer community, I wanted to chat with her, but I was just as worried about how much she was admired in the community.From her short film Break free In 2014, with a gender role and an identity that deviated from the status quo, what it would be like to be the only openly lesbian lead in CW’s 2019 series of superhero films. Batwoman, She was a proud, groundbreaking voice visible in Hollywood.

You probably first noticed Ruby Rose when she took on the role of Stella Carlin OITNBSeason 3 helped make the then 29-year-old woman world-famous and defeat America after years of successful modeling, DJing and actressing in her native Australia.

The coordination is great and it’s time for her to affectionately think of her as the best year of her life. “I think I’ll probably have to go home soon after I haven’t really succeeded in the United States.”Because my visa expires in this world of Gyöngyi [Kohan, OITNB creator] And these wonderful stories, these wonderful women. And it exploded. So the show was as big as possible, but I didn’t think it was accepted and appreciated by everyone in the season I went. And there will be this fanfare. But I was very grateful, and I am still. And I think it was one of the best shows ever. So I am very honored to be able to participate. “

“I came out when I was 12 … I had to be open and honest about my identity to know how to live, but I was so young that how many homophobic people are a little older. You may have noticed that you may not have come out so young. “

Our conversation begins with a topic about what pride means to her and the moments she is most proud of. “Pride Month, as far as the community is concerned, it means to me that the Stonewall riots were more than 50 years ago,” she says. The Stonewall Uprising was a series of demonstrations by members of the queer community that began in New York City in 1969 in response to police raids at the Stonewall Inn and police atrocities against the entire community. “For me” follows Ruby, “it represents a community where their backs hit a wall, and they had to make the decision to fight for the freedom we have today. Decide to live in that truth in a public way. In an era when it was only personally possible to live safely in your truth.

“So for me, pride is how hard we’ve been trying to get to where we are. How hard we fought, and how far we still have to go. To preserve the legacy of what people have done to take them to today’s place. ”

Ruby fought her own battle. Her childhood, coming out as a child, was plagued by abuse because of her strange identity. “I came out when I was twelve. It’s pretty young. In a way, I only knew it was my truth. I had to be open and honest about my identity to know how to live. But I think so too. If I noticed that there was a homophobic person who was very young and a little older, he might not have come out so young. I was bullied. I suffered. I felt like I was bullied at school. It’s hard to be the only homophobic at school. ”

But it wasn’t a completely negative experience for her. “In a way, it’s good because people thought it was a phase,” says Ruby. It was like “You are 12 years old, it’s a phase” and it wasn’t taken very seriously. And by the time everyone understood what it really meant, what it meant to be gay, and what it meant to be with a woman, they were accustomed to the fact that it was me. .. “

Just like the Gen-Z has OITNBRuby discovered that the expression of a queer woman in Hollywood also helped her grow. “I’m preparing to graduate, and then The l word When I came out, suddenly everyone in the school became gay. It just shows how important it is to express in the media.from before The l wordI didn’t know anyone else felt the same and had the same feelings as I did. It brought my life to life. “

It was hard to grow up as an openly queer kid, but when I ask Ruby what advice to give to her young self, she says she’s actually an adult inner kid-she asks for advice: “I usually go to my inner kid, she’s very fearless, how difficult something is, and what stops like a 12-year-old ruby ​​despite the trials and hardships around it. I really knew it wasn’t there, so I was able to get some advice. “

“You deserve to love. You deserve to love you for who you are. You just have to love and be loved by others.”

The subject of protecting and helping strange young people is, of course, what Ruby is passionate about, and her advice to those who experience what she has done is inspirational. You may be in a particular environment, a small town, or the religious background that it is difficult, but in the end it doesn’t matter and I know it’s a super cliché It’s given to you. If you’re living it for someone else or trying to minimize yourself to make others comfortable, you can’t live your life to that possibility, what you can do. Hmm.

“You deserve to love. You deserve to love you for who you are. You just have to love and be loved by others. So just keep fighting. Keep doing that, keep believing in yourself, keep listening to that soul and what it wants, and give it to yourself as you deserve it. “Listen and listen!

Ruby Finished Batwoman After one season Due to the emotional and physical tension of filming the show in May 2020 and the impact of the coronavirus on her recovery. Vanquish Since then, her first high-profile venture, the story of a single mother trying to find her daughter. “When I arrived Vanquish, From director George Gallo, who has always wanted to work with him, accompanied by Morgan Freeman. So at that point I knew I was most likely trying to make a movie.

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“And when I was reading about the character and Victoria and her daughter, I was really impressed and impressed. And when she had me, she was a single mother, so I’m my mother I felt this immediate thought of her. She welcomed me at the age of 20, I grew up traveling in Australia and lived in this bohemian lifestyle and sofas, caravans and trailers in different places. I really liked that aspect of the story, and I thought it gave Victoria a lot of purpose and meaning. ”

Ruby was born in Melbourne in 1986. As the only child of a 20-year-old single mother and aspiring artist Katya Langenheim, she spent most of her childhood traveling and in the “Vagabond lifestyle.” Ruby started modeling when he was young and took his first break in 2003, almost as soon as he emerged as a lesbian. I finished second in a modeling contest for an Australian teenage magazine. girl friendShe attended an after-school acting course and worked on multiple jobs (from bar work to modeling) and auditions to help fund it. In 2007, she got her first gig as an Australian MTV presenter and soon became famous there. Australia’s next top modelWhen she moved to the United States, she struggled for two years to crack the industry until she finally landed. OITNB In 2015.

“I was told I didn’t have a place, but I kept trying to carve it myself. And I had my short hair, my tattoos, how I dressed, the music I heard And I found that there was my strength. “

Part of her struggle for success in Hollywood was due to how she described herself. “When I started modeling, I felt a lot of pressure to take a particular perspective, blend in with the industry, and look like others. And I didn’t take that route, it did. I didn’t go to, so I continued on a more edgy path, even though I was told it wasn’t, and tried to open up a place for myself, and I had my short hair, I have my tattoos, the way I dressed, the music I heard, and I found that there was my strength, but when I started to succeed a bit, I I started to feel more, do I owe it to them? Who are “they”? “

LGBTQIA + community is essentially beauty And make upMany of the mainstream trends are inspired by strange icons. With that in mind, given that Ruby has a very famous and distinctive “look”, we would like to know how Ruby interacts with beauty. “Growing up, makeup played a very important role in discovering my identity and how I wanted to express myself,” she says. “Makeup, fashion and music are all art and I think they are all ways of expression.

“Sometimes I like make-up, sometimes I don’t like it, sometimes I’m definitely doing the wrong make-up, and sometimes I see someone with great make-up and try to do the same. A complete disaster. But again, trial and error allows you to be free and bold in the clothes you are wearing, and in the makeup you are wearing. You can help find out who you are and best express yourself.

“Piercing, tattoos, hair coloring, etc. are all different things you can use to tell people a little bit about yourself. The queer community expresses itself in every color and light and who they are. I think I put that message under their belt very early on because I gave them a way to let the world know. “

And that’s exactly what Ruby Rose did for countless queer people. She told stories with her look and art, and was a proud voice to admire in an industry with fewer LGBTQ + stories and even fewer queer stories from women.

GLAMOR’s June cover star Ruby Rose is coming out and how OITNB changed her life

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