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Glasgow Euro 2020 Fan Zone: Mandatory Test “May Backfire”

To soccer supporters Coronavirus test Before putting them in Glasgow’s Euro 2020 fan zone, Scotland’s national clinical director said it would backfire.

Testing before entering the Glasgow Green outdoor fan zone is not mandatory and is recommended instead.

Professor Jason Reach said advice from behavioral scientists suggests that forced testing will increase the likelihood that people will try to “game” or “cheat” the system.

He admitted that this sounded “a little counterintuitive,” but argued that it would be more effective to ask people to take the test voluntarily and make it easier for them to do so.

He expressed concern about the wisdom of being able to control the fan zone during the tournament.

At the venue, up to 6,000 supporters gather every day to watch the game on the big screen. You do not need to take the test in advance.

Professor Reach said public health officials closely monitored data from the fan zone and that there would be a “reverse gear” if it led to a surge in Covid’s cases.

He added that police were always on the scene and the venue could be permanently closed if fans indulged in “actions we didn’t think were appropriate.”

When asked to the BBC about the decision not to use temperature checks or mandatory tests, he said:

“It’s just very unreliable everywhere. Over time, it turns out that temperature checking isn’t really a good mitigation, but the test questions are good.

“There are several reasons that are not required, but highly recommended.

“It may seem a bit counterintuitive. Behavioral scientists tell us that compulsory makes people play it, tricks people into doing it, and makes people do strange things. What you should do is convince people to make it easily available. [tested]..

“Another problem with this is that the test isn’t 100% reliable. As I’ve said, anyone who requests a test thinks it’s like a panacea. The behavior is different. “

Professor Reach also said authorities are investigating whether test kits can be posted to ticket owners in advance, revealing that the test center will open near the fan zone.

The venue was scheduled to open for the first time at 3 pm on Friday, with supporters gathering to watch Italy face Turkey in the opening match of the evening tournament.

Glasgow Euro 2020 Fan Zone: Mandatory Test “May Backfire”

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