Glen Scotia announces new seasonal release in addition to collaboration with top chefs-

Glen Scotia has worked with award-winning chef Gary Robinson to create the “perfect combination” with the new season’s release of single malt whiskey. The acclaimed distillery is working with the acclaimed executive chef of the Balmoral Hotel to promote the 12-year-old release of the limited edition currently on sale.

Inspired by the taste of the classic season

Glen Scotia was recognized worldwide this year after the 25-year-old single malt whiskey was named Best in Show and Best Whiskey in the World at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. And after the success of the limited edition Sherry Double Cask Finish at the Campbeltown-based distillery in 2020, Glenscosia created a new expression. With notes of toffee, apples, orange citrus and warm spices, this season’s release is made using a series of peatless distillations from 2009. First filled Bourbon casks and American oak hog heads are aged for 10 years and then transferred for the first finish. Fill the Ororoso pig head and burnt American oak barrels for another year. Finally, the barrels are put together and bottled at the strength of the barrel (54.7% ABV).

Explore the perfect combination of whiskey and food

Glen Scotia has long tended to prefer the perfect combination and spirit of unity. The whiskey making process combines barrels and finishes to provide a classic Campbeltown flavor. And its role in the region has helped connect small communities for centuries (first formed in 1832). The community has now guaranteed that the distillery is tolerable. During the Victorian era, Campbeltown was known as the world’s whiskey capital. More than 30 distilleries are packed into the town, and almost all residents are involved in the creation of the town.that’s all There are three distilleries left, one of which is Glen Scotia.

In a short film shot at the Balmoral Hotel’s SCOTCH bar and kitchen, chef Gary Robinson joins Gary Mills, Ambassador of Glenscosia. In it, experts combine their expertise to discuss the process, taste and source while enjoying three new dishes created by Gary using the new limited edition whiskey. This season’s release menu includes:

  • Hardened salmon whiskey with apples and celery
  • BBQ pork belly with sticky whiskey honey sauce and stewed pearl barley ••Poached pair salad, whiskey caramel, pecan toffee

About Gary Robinson

Gary Robinson began working at The Balmoral in June 2019 and has traveled the world for 25 years with worldwide culinary experience. During this time, he was the Honorary Head Chef of HRH at Prince of Wales. Gary’s approach is to cook as meaningful, sustainable and authentic food as possible. Demonstrating excellence in hotels, restaurants, private homes and clubs, it brings the natural goodness of homemade ingredients to the fore and strongly supports classic cooking techniques.

Robinson describes the project as follows: “I’m always excited to go into the kitchen and experiment, especially with Glen Scotia’s amazing drums. The new 12-year-old seasonal release is the main ingredient in the three dishes I’ve created. Each dish. Shows a luxurious seasonal flavor, and whiskey really complements each ingredient. I created these dishes with the vision that they are the best recipes to connect people at home. It’s not too complicated to recreate, and it offers a truly special meal for friends and family to get together and gather around the table for fun.

Reinforcing ingredient

Gary Mills, Brand Ambassador of Glen Scotia, said: Although the food and drink concepts are closely related, it’s interesting to work with Gary Robinson to delve deeper into flavor profiling and consider how they can be combined to enhance plate and drum materials. There is something to watch. I enjoyed it together. This sense of “oneness” is woven throughout Glen Scotia, which has endured for centuries thanks to the unique spirit of the community. Dining and celebrations centered around the town’s market cross are often part of the history of Campbeltown’s close community. We hope this partnership provides great inspiration for fans to make at home with drums. ”

The latest 12-year-old Glen Scotia is the product of many years of crafts, expertise and local knowledge from a region rich in whiskey heritage. Seasonal releases are priced at £ 75 and can be purchased from Glen Scotia’s website ( And via specialty retailers.


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Glen Scotia announces new seasonal release in addition to collaboration with top chefs-

Source link Glen Scotia announces new seasonal release in addition to collaboration with top chefs-

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