Gok Wan horrifies ITV’s viewers this morning with a “double dip”.

Gok Wan has left the audience for This Morning in a double take as he starred in a show in the latest culinary segment. The celebrity cook is back in the kitchen with hosts Philip Scofield and Rochelle Hume’s.

He was preparing to make delicious shrimp ramen when the job was set up to cook as soon as the takeaway version arrived in the studio.

47-year-old Gock had plenty of time as the takeaway delivery hadn’t arrived yet when he finished serving Rochelle and Philip a bowl of good noodles. He praised his work and said, “That’s good. I’m really good.”

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But this morning’s viewers, who were following Gock’s latest culinary demonstration at the show, remained frightened after he realized he had made a cooking mistake on television-he ate a spoon. Was put back in the pot. GASP.

@BalchinSarah tweeted. I wanted to cry “

Viewers this morning quickly found Gok’s move

@ Helen67668902 Share: “You need to know better than not realizing that you tasted the food, then put the spoon back in the pot and said b **** r at the live show and swore # thismِorning.”

“The GOK guy #ThisMorning you tasted the soup and put the spoon back in the pot,” @ simbanrat wrote, @ Lynnemooney11 said. To serve Phil and Rochelle. # This morning. “

Rochelle and Philip were waiting for their food

@Beckie_Miller_ commented: “He double-dipped! #ThisMorning”, along with the sick emoji while @Clarity_Jane points out: the difference between a chef and a cook #thismorning #gokwan @itv. “

Others were wondering if he swore to the program. @ SmokeyToes76 asked: “Does b **** ra swear words? #ThisMorning

@ JayHBaker94 writes with the clip:

Gok Wan horrifies ITV's viewers this morning with a "double dip".

Source link Gok Wan horrifies ITV's viewers this morning with a "double dip".

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