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new Women and Banking and Finance (WIBF) by London School of Economics (LSE) ReportIt turns out that if a woman does not work consistently, she is having a hard time.

This is compared to what is perceived as the average performing man in the city of London, who has survived a large number of financial services for a variety of reasons, including social norms, retention bias, and difficulties among women, especially black women. To gain awareness of their performance in the workplace.

The study identifies suggested actions that businesses should take to reduce headwinds relayed by women. Equally valuable is information about tailwinds and how businesses can replicate or artificially build tailwinds to improve women’s growth and retention. This has clear benefits, given that the first year of WIBF’s Accelerated Change Collaborative Research Program focuses on the “missing middle”. Reducing headwinds and increasing tailwinds will help maintain industry talent at this important vulnerable point in women’s careers.

The survey strategically targets women who work in areas with a high proportion of men and women who have a lot of gender equality but look like a glass ceiling.

Good Finance Framework | Banking and Finance Women

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