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Google Maps user spot “UFO casually flying in the suburbs of England”

NS Google map The user isUFO Flying in the suburbs of England. ”

Internet browser uploaded the image to RedditIt looks like it shows an object in the shape of a shiny saucer floating above a row of houses.

It was uploaded with the tagline “I randomly found a UFO flying in the suburbs of England”.

However, other respondents to this post were not very sure if the OP actually discovered the UFO.

Some write: “I think this is often the case with reflections on Google Maps. Many cars have this.”

The second agrees with this theory and writes: [glass roofed extension, see neighbours.]””

The jury is still considering whether the image shows a UFO.Stock image

Third suggestion: “Looks like camera damage.”

Other Reddit users were similarly convinced that the image didn’t show the alien spacecraft.

One wrote, “It’s an unidentified flying object. Is it some kind of spacecraft? It’s certainly not.”

Another person referred to Doctor Who and joked that it could be a “time lord.”

This isn’t the first time Google Maps users have made intriguing discoveries on popular sites.

recently, Users were confused after discovering a small pitch-black island online.

It was compared to Secret Area 51 or the hit TV show Lost.

The land of mysterious appearance has disturbed Reddit forum members, one member calling it “God’s Guitar Pick”.

If people on the database don’t want to be there, or want them to know what’s going on there, Google fills the area on the map black.

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Meanwhile, another user caused controversy After finding an “elephant-like stone” on the site.

Witnesses in Antarctica have led Reddit users to discuss what the rocks really look like.

Others thought it looked like a horse or a mountain lion.

Google Maps user spot "UFO casually flying in the suburbs of England"

Source link Google Maps user spot "UFO casually flying in the suburbs of England"

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