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Gordon Ramsay’s daughter raises Love Island rumors that she may attend the show

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Love island Villa after she followed new contestant Hugo Hammond on Instagram

Ramsey’s other daughter, Holly, 21, was rumored to be part of the 2021 lineup, Announcement yesterday.

Holly Ramsey concludes the rumor on Instagram, “Thank you for your wonderful message, but I’ll never appear on Love Island.”

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However, Holly’s sister Megan, 23, rekindled the possibility of one of the Ramsey sisters appearing after following England’s disabled cricket player Hugo Hammond, a new islander, on Instagram.

A complete list of contestants has already been published, but it is still possible that Megan will enter the villa as a surprise bomb islander.

24-year-old Hugo is a Hampshire PE teacher and the first disabled athlete on Love Island.

He has previously played cricket in England PD, a nationally disabled cricket team.

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After being single for a while and finding it difficult to return to the date below Covid-19 Limits Hugo, a physical education teacher and cricket player, Love island villa To improve his luck.

He states: “I thought it was a great and enjoyable summer and an opportunity to get back there.”

The sporty singleton Of the show The first athlete with a physical disability.

Love Island Contestant Hugo Hammond

He describes his condition and states: When I was a kid, I had a lot of surgery. You can really say only when I walk barefoot. I have a really short Achilles tendon. Walk a little on your toes. “

Despite being born in clubfoot, Hugo succeeded in his sports career and played cricket in England PD (Physical Disability).

Hugo teaches PE to junior high school students when they are not traveling the world to play cricket with their team.[s]”.

“I love all sports. I’m glad I was able to convey that enthusiasm to the younger generation to be physically active. Hopefully they feel the same about what I teach them. “

* Love Island will start at ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9pm on Monday, June 28th.

Gordon Ramsay's daughter raises Love Island rumors that she may attend the show

Source link Gordon Ramsay's daughter raises Love Island rumors that she may attend the show

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