Government climate spokesperson “does not replace diesel with EV”

Allegra Stratton said EVs aren’t currently fit for her lifestyle (Photo: Dunkit Wood / Getty Images).

The government’s climate spokesperson Electric car After she said she had no plans to abandon her diesel VW Golf in favor of the EV.

Allegra Stratton said that a 13-year-old diesel car is more suited to her lifestyle, with technology infrastructure More advanced.

She told Times Radio that she wouldn’t want to face the prospect of “stopping for quite some time” using a second-hand Volkswagen for a 200-250 mile trip from her home in northern London to her family in Scotland, Wales and the Lake District. Told. chargingIn the car with her little children.

Allegra Stratton has been accused of perpetuating the myth of the UK’s charging infrastructure (Photo: Gridserve)

Mr. Stratton said his son was anxious to switch to an electric car, but said: And my kids are 7 and 4 years old and I don’t like it yet. “

She added that she might consider replacing the golf when “the charging downtime has improved by 30 minutes.”

Adrian Keen, CEO of public charging company Instavolt, points out that many facilities can already add more than 100 miles within 30 minutes, Stratton’s comment on the government’s own efforts to encourage drivers to switch to EVs. He said he was doing damage.

He states: Public charging speeds vary from network to network, but technology is improving and charging speeds are increasing. InstaVolt’s latest 120kW charger can add over 100 miles in 15 minutes. This year, we continue to review faster charging hardware to bring chargers over 150kW to market. “

Keen further said: “The myth surrounding the reliability and accessibility of EV charging points is one of the barriers to entry for consumers when it comes to buying EVs. Comments like Allegra fuel the old-fashioned negative implications of EVs. By continuing to perpetuate these barriers, in her authority position as a government climate spokeswoman, she does not encourage uptake, but rather criticizes it, the EV sector, And it can cause incredible damage to the entire government’s climate change goals. “

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Top 10 EVs with the longest range

AA President Edmond KingHe himself questioned her claim, noting that the average range of EVs is now over 200 miles. He states: “Unfortunately, too many views on EVs are myths based on hype and an unreasonable range of anxiety.

“Even on rare trips over 200 miles, for traffic safety reasons, drivers just have to stop to take a break, so it only takes 20 minutes to move from a quarter charge to over 80%. Would you like to combine it with quick charging? “

Toddington Harper is CEO of Gridserve, which operates a fast charging hub in Essex. Electric highway charging network.. He said it was “great” to look forward to a 30-minute recharge day, as Stratton had already done on his network.He said Times: “Last week, we charged more than 7,000 electric vehicles across the Gridserve Electric Highway network, with an average charging time of only 30 minutes.”

Last week, Stratton said the government’s Net Zero plan to reduce CO2 emissions was too far away, adding: Now. “

Government climate spokesperson “does not replace diesel with EV”

Source link Government climate spokesperson “does not replace diesel with EV”

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